Brock Lesnar will not be punished for his attack of Josh Mathews

Brock Lesnar will not be punished for his attack of Josh Mathews

The wrecking machine will walk free, as has learned that no punishment will be levied against Brock Lesnar for his attack of Josh Mathews on this past Monday’s Raw SuperShow.

The development is not entirely surprising, as Lesnar exempted himself from any type of fines as part of his demands to EVP of Talent Relations and Raw and SmackDown GM John Laurinaitis during his contract signing later in the evening. But it is a major development nonetheless, and a potential glimpse of things to come.

Mathews, for his part, remained “indifferent” toward the announcement. “I understand the situation that Brock put Mr. Laurinaitis in,” the recovering announcer told reporters. He also noted that there were no ill intentions in the interview that led up to his attack ( WATCH), and he was just curious as to where the returning Superstar was and why he had missed the scheduled contract signing with John Cena at the beginning of the show.

Now recuperating at home per doctor’s orders, Mathews said he’s suffering “stiffness” in his neck, as well as coping with some lingering pain and reparable nerve damage. But, he acknowledged, the mental repercussions from the assault will probably take longer to fade. “There’s always been trepidation whenever I’ve seen Brock Lesnar and now I understand why and where that trepidation comes from,” Mathews said. “The man physically assaulted me in what was really an uncalled-for situation.”

As to what will happen should Brock Lesnar defeat Cena at Extreme Rules this Sunday in Chicago, Mathews did not elaborate on what the future conditions of his workplace might be (he did, however, note that the match was now “personal” for him, and he’d be pulling for Cena in the contest). But he did have one plea going forward.

“Superstars can’t go around and [attack] announcers,” Mathews said. “That’s our job, to find out what’s going on with these Superstars and get to the bottom of these stories.”

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