Lord Tensai's havoc poses troublesome decision for WWE officials

Lord Tensai's havoc poses troublesome decision for WWE officials

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Lord Tensai: Raw, April 9, 2012

The mighty Lord Tensai looks to destory another WWE Superstar.

For two straight weeks, Lord Tensai hasn't pinned opponents. He hasn't made them submit, either. He's flat-out pulverized them and forced WWE officials to stop the matches – resulting in two victories by way of utter decimation.

The brutal style and controversial wins beg the question: How can a referee tell if a Superstar is no longer able to compete? Or more appropriately given what we've witnessed, how badly does one have to be beaten to force the ref to stop the match?

WWE.com turned to WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann following Tensai's match against Yoshi Tatsu on Raw SuperShow to find out the answer.

"The referees have been instructed by the physicians and athletic trainers on how to recognize signs and symptoms of being no longer able to compete, such as head trauma or other injuries," said Amann. "So if any Superstar shows those signs and symptoms, the match is stopped immediately per protocol and then the Superstar is examined by our physicians and athletic trainers."

Tensai's vicious approach since coming over from Japan has led to unenviable situations for both WWE competitors and referees who've had to officiate his contests. WWE official Charles Robinson confessed it's been intimidating to step into the same ring as the monstrous combatant.

"Lord Tensai is a beast cut from a different cloth," said Robinson. "It's pretty scary to have someone like that in the ring, knowing you have to officiate his match."

Robinson added that Tatsu hadn't responded to his efforts to revive him and appeared to be showing signs of possible head trauma, which forced him to stop the match. When asked if he had ever seen a Superstar who preferred defeating his opponents by pummeling them until referee stoppage, Robinson admitted "there definitely haven't been many."

Considering how Tensai has reveled in the destruction he's caused, don't expect him to change the way he operates anytime soon.

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