The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 27, 2012

Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 27, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 27, 2012

Thanks to you, WWE had 20 trending topics for Monday Night Raw! In this episode of Day After Raw, we look at your Tweets about Jericho calling Punk a not-so-nice name with Christian as collateral damage, a long distance call to your mama courtesy of Brodus Clay and Santino being ... Santino. 

Collateral Damage

Do you know what an amygdala is? Neither did we. But doing a quick Google search for some of the best verbal sparring moments to occur in movies, we found some pretty interesting information. The amygdala is located in the temporal lobe of your brain. It plays the definitive role in your emotional responses to situations: Maybe you'll cry like Shawn Michaels did when he retired Ric Flair at WrestleMania ... or maybe you'll just beat the crap out of Christian like CM Punk on Monday Night Raw. Note to both Jericho and Punk: Check your amygdala at the door.

CM Punk vs. Christian: Raw, March 26, 2012

Chris Jericho's words put CM Punk into a rage and Christian becomes the unfortunate victim.

Brodus? This is your mother calling

"Brodus? Yes, it's your mama. Please be nice to that Curt Hawkins boy on Raw tonight." Twitter caught ablaze as The Funkasaurus rumbled down The Road to WrestleMania in Atlanta's Philips Arena. Were you dancing in your living room during his entrance? And can we have The Funkettes escort us into the offices every morning? #betterthancaffeine

Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins: Raw, March 26, 2012

Brodus Clay makes easy work of Curt Hawkins.

@JayGetsome #SomebodyCallMyMama - Talking Wrestling - #iTunes Talking @WWE @BrodusClay
@tripleh_game Trending Worldwide for WWE #Raw: Brodus Clay (@BrodusClay), #SomebodyCallMyMama, Curt Hawkins (@TheCurtHawkins)
@Gill_Awesome Trending Worldwide for WWE #Raw: Brodus Clay (@BrodusClay), #SomebodyCallMyMama, Curt Hawkins (@TheCurtHawkins)
@air_wells @redbillydogf9: RE: @WWE: Trending Worldwide for WWE #Raw: Brodus Clay (@BrodusClay), #SomebodyCallMyMama, Curt Hawkins"
@redbillydogf9 RE: @WWE: Trending Worldwide for WWE #Raw: Brodus Clay (@BrodusClay), #SomebodyCallMyMama, Curt Hawkins
@realkylejames Brodus Clay in action on wwe raw #somebodycallmymama
@Want2bLoved12RT @WWE: Trending Worldwide for WWE #Raw: Brodus Clay (@BrodusClay), #SomebodyCallMyMama, Curt Hawkins (@TheCurtHawkins)
@SluffySluffy231 #SomebodyCallMyMama #WWE #Raw WOOHOO ;)
@SportsMgmtGrad "@WWE: Trending Worldwide for WWE #Raw: Brodus Clay (@BrodusClay), #SomebodyCallMyMama, Curt Hawkins (@TheCurtHawkins)"
@kmeeker1976 @BrodusClay @WWE #SomebodyCallMyMama
@Chappyboii #SomebodyCallMyMama @WWE #Raw
@Fidaa_Austin i real dont like @BrodusClay gimmick he wins in less 2 minutes no 1 has done this even legends stop joking @wwe #SomebodyCallMyMama
@JCenaJBoykins What happened to the vibration @BrodusClay ? It wasn't as it usually was.. #SomebodyCallMyMama #RAW @WWE

Hey, Otunga ... Is that a bib?

Look closely, WWE Universe. Was David Otunga wearing a bib? Had he just come from a Team Johnny meeting in catering? Maybe he was trying to make a fashion statement ... but according to Twitter, it was a swing and a miss. We'll revist this topic later this week.

Santino Marella vs. David Otunga: Captain vs. Captain Match - Raw, March 26, 2012

The captains of Team Teddy and Team Johnny square off to gain momentum going into WrestleMania 28.

@MichelleJ2907 @wwe...what's up with Otunga's bib???
@Clhc54 Why does otunga's shirt look like a bib? @wwe #Raw
@WrestleInsiders Hey, is Otunga's shirt a BIB (BABY) #WWE @WWE

@WWEcritic1 @DavidOtunga .... So oily,even your freaking back is ripped and chiseled. How much do you work out? #WWE #WWEcritic1 #SmackDown #RAW #Otunga

@Hu54ain @WWE #Raw how does a guy with a law degree hurt himself? Ask #Otunga
@JustineyLou Haha! Was #Otunga going for the Wade Barrett look there only to reveal his AJ look underneath?! #RAW #WWE

@joeydemetro #otunga next #lexluger #notinagoodway

@ChozynBoy That was NOT PG! LMBO! #Otunga

@JustineyLou Haha! Was #Otunga going for the Wade Barrett look there only toreveal his AJ look underneath?! #RAW #WWE

@TrabieLove #omg can @WWE #RAW please fire #michaelcole nd #johnnyace ndum #otunga #ijs

@UBERFangBanger_ #RAW what's up with jenifer hudson! Lmbooo! He's a bloody afterthought! #Otunga

@chudleycannons It's a bib! #Otunga #thebest #slurp #travelmug

@MaryonWWEfan When the #otunga coffee will be available??hope soon @DavidOtunga

Best of the Rest

Here are some of the best of the rest tweets from you, the WWE Universe, about Raw.

Zack Ryder will have to wait for a kiss from Eve: Raw, March 26, 2012

Eve lets Zack Ryder know they will celebrate after WrestleMania.


@SmarkRage I just fist pumped for the 1st time. #wwe


@NewScott Talks have begun for me 2 return 2 @TheLAScene this #August #follow me if you want to join my #journey to #WWE 25th #summerslam in #LA #raw
@wan_109 watching @wwe #Raw @realkellykelly VS @evemarietorres
@lariosme @wwe production crew is top notch! That opening segment on #raw was amazing.
@Ray_Haswandy #wwe #raw now showing.
@SuperdupaET GM guys @WWE #RAW was pretty good last night. I was expecting @TheRock & @JohnCena to get physical :p but oh well their promos were great :)
@Its_a_miracle21@bookert5x is on #team #teddy go team teddy.@wwe #raw
@shahrial79 #nowwatching #WWE #RAW
@Shar316 "You are the biggest hypocrite in the history of the WWE" -Jerry Lawler, referring to Michael Cole. #Raw
@Redlineg74 RT @MDawnM82 "I gotta take a big show" lol. #CodyRhodes #WWE #Raw lol got a softball game i hope we dont bigshow
30m Lovellyy Rae ‏ @Rae_Baybi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
@WWE #RAW last night ( ^_^ )
@Taindogg Wwe is taking over the youtube homepage on friday whit #raw
@BieberCrushOnMe Reply Retweet Favorite · Open #Watching WWE #RAW now :D
@NoelLackey Have to say that was the best @JohnCena promo i've ever heard last night! I'm backing him for #WrestleMania #WWE #RAW
@CMONSTER1971 My throat is on fire from yelling my ass off last night at #WWE #RAW!! Can't wait til April 1st! Wrestlemania on the 60in Samsung in 3D!!

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