Who is Lord Tensai?

Who is Lord Tensai?

A look at Lord Tensai: Raw, March 19, 2012

Who is Lord Tensai?

The WWE Universe is buzzing about a cryptic video that aired during Monday's Raw SuperShow, offering a glimpse at Lord Tensai, a warrior shrouded in mystery.

While this individual's identity remains unknown, one thing we know for certain is his name. Using the minimal information obtained from the footage, WWE.com is able to infer a bit about what may potentially be a most formidable competitor in WWE.

In Japanese, "tensai" has multiple meanings, including "destruction." "Lord" evokes thoughts of ultimate power.

Lord: a person who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler.  – dictionary.com

Upon closer inspection, the video reveals a few more clues about this destructive lord. The most striking aspect of his appearance are the many Japanese characters that adorn his body.

Also during the video, there is a glimpse of a Japanese sword with an inscription. The significance of the sword and what it says remain unknown at this time, as are the details as to how he acquired the weapon or its meaning to him.

Who is Lord Tensai?

Despite this review of clues, more questions continue to arise about this enigmatic warrior. When will we find out more about Lord Tensai? Stay with WWE.com as more details surface.

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