Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 20, 2012

Day After Raw: Not feeling the love

Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 20, 2012

It's the Day After Raw. Have you had a chance to digest all the Raw buildup that's heading into WrestleMania in less that two weeks? WWE may have been sold-out at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, but the City of Brotherly Love was certainly anything but as we travel down the road to The Showcase of the Immortals in Miami.

All in the family

A scene more "Jerry" than "Intervention," Chris Jericho continued his personal attacks against CM Punk. This time, while half-heartedly apologizing for his comments about Punk's alcoholic father, WWE's first-ever Undisputed Champion turned his attention to another person in The Straight Edge Superstar's bloodline: Punk's sister. Claiming she has substance abuse problems (a claim Punk vehemently denies), have Jericho's psychological attacks finally gotten inside Punk's head? ( PHOTOS)

Chris Jericho claims CM Punk's sister has a substance abuse problem: Raw, March 19, 2012

Chris Jericho continues to verbally attack CM Punk's family.

@PosDavid To quote @IAmJericho himself, #Jericho is an #A$$clown!!!!' @WWE#Raw #teamcmpunk
@Lakers_Swag When he loses he gonna find out he isn't the best in the world.. #raw#Jericho
@Roachy1985 Up watching #Raw live. #cmpunk vs #Jericho roll on wrestlemania.
@GoJericho Can't wait to see #Raw is #Jericho tonight #Jericholic :D hicsijbopkfe
@iARCANJEL @PureAbbz Lmao damn if that thing shortd out, u Jus walked up to him and thru some water on him lol #WWE #Smackdown #Jericho#Raw
@TheCJWest Nice promos by #Jericho and #Punk. Too bad for the censorship. But, still a god promo. #RAW
@MattMal21 Sh*t just got real on #RAW between @CMPunk and that douche Jericho! #BestInTheWorld #Punk #PipeBomb
@mccall316 Great start on #Raw with #Punk and #Jericho. Anyone else think they are going to be the best match on #Mania? You should! #WWE #Raw#GDYC
@t2Creative_emz @joelcage @Igoedesign #raw #fresh #punk
@Hanish_11 @CMPunk ....yeah punk beat the hell out of him at #WM28 #raw#punk !!!!



David Otunga was on "The Wendy Williams Show" before Raw Supershow on Monday. (Hey, Wendy - How you doin'?) Yet not even the talk show queen could prepare the Harvard Law graduate for what he was about to go through in the ring with United States Champion Santino Marella. The Italian Stallion - and his freshly airbrushed six-pack abs - entered into a posedown with the chiseled physique of Otunga. Abs? Well, we know who would win that. Entertainment value? Game. Set. Match, Santino. That stated, what may have stolen the spotlight was SmackDown GM Teddy Long delivering a slap to Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis. Hey, Johnny! "Snap out of it!" ( PHOTOS)

R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger: Raw, March 19, 2012

The two newest members of Team Johnny take on Team Teddy's Kofi Kingston & R-Truth.

@DeWannDaQue Ha ha #WWE yo #santino's walk be killin me i be so weak its like a power walk slowed an da arm swing accelerated at da same time ..Q12
@JacobMonster1 #Santino His abs look fake
@ravenmph LOOOOOl @ #santino's drawn abs!!! @WWE #raw
@stephstultz20 #TeddyLong you need a guy like @ZackRyder on ur team.. come on Teddy put Ryder on ur team.. u know u'll win due to ppl who love#Ryder
@R_Desousa @GMSmackDown Now that's how you lay down the pimp hand strong... @WWERawGM #BigJohnny just got pimp slapped by#TeddyLong #HOLLA @WWE #RAW
@TonyMonaco #theslapheararoundtheworld! @WWERawGM got slapped#smackdownstyle from #teddylong! @WWE #raw
@amkroll40 The most funny thing happened on #RAW #TeddyLong slapped the raw general manager
@KerryLindley HAHA Teddy Long is trending #TeddyLong #WWWYKI @WWE#RAW
@WWEROCKS #teddylong will keep his job
@vulcan_1 Nobody slaps @WWERawGM in the face! Luckily @DavidOtunga is an excellent lawyer, #TeddyLong must be fired!
@Crazy4Me_ LMAO!! Yo John you just got slaped by general manger of#SmackDown and soon to be @RAW #TeddyLong :o how do you feel??? #WWE
@Therealjfreek #johnnyace should carry one of those big cell phones around like#paulydangersly or Zack from #savedbythebell

Ego trippin'

Triple H may never back down from a fight, though he might be ready for some field trippin' after Undertaker's stinging words at the end of Raw SuperShow.

Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels face off about meeting in Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania: Raw, March 19, 2012

The Phenom, The Game, & HBK finally face off to address Hell in a Cell.

@MSkubalicious84 @ShawnMichaels smiling after #Undertaker said #HBK is better than #HHH was priceless! I laughed it up when u did Shawn, thx4that #WWE #RAW
@wildtalkradio #Triple H #Undertaker @ShawnMichaels In the Same Ring at the Same Time on #RAW This is going to be Epic! #JustSayin
@Ashtyndakole @ShawnMichaels, #Triple H and the #Undertaker in the same ring tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw! ❤ So ready only 20 more min! #WWE
@TheRock_4_Life@LoveCatieXOXO And here comes THE GAME!!! Another LEGEND from the Attitude Era. #RAW #HHH #Taker #HBK
@KemperJones How come @ShawnMichaels was expected to beat #Undertaker in standard matches? #HHH gets HIAC & No Holds Barred? #GiveShawnAChair @WWE #RAW
@GoodVsBadGuys Wish they would tickle each other right now #HHH #Undertaker #RAW
@broodingmadness #HHH is seriously mr. entertainment when it comes to #wwe #raw. I get goosebumps when he talks in his half growl! #Loveit!
@csesque 19 out of 24 of #HellInACell matches have involved #HHH or the #Undertaker? dang...going through a lot there #RAW
@WWERockCena Triple H! Wise choice standing next to Shawn Micheals! - The#Undertaker #HIAC #WWE #Raw #HBK #HHH
@Satanika66613 Ok #HHH you wearing skinny jeans? very hipster. #WWE #RAW



Superstars Crossing

And now, the best tweets from the Superstars and Divas of WWE during Raw SuperShow!

The Rock addresses John Cena in front of the Rocky statue in Philadelphia: Raw, March 19, 2012

The Rock talks about his boyhood dream of becoming an icon.

@TheCurtHawkins I think @HEELZiggler just hit the sweetest dropkick of 2012. #Raw
@DavidOtunga Just being in the same @WWE ring as @milanmiracle harms my reputation. Contemplating a lawsuit for defamation of character #Raw #OtungaLaw
@EveMarieTorres - The #AskEve video blog is up
@RealJackSwagger Another victory for the good guys... Biz as usual. Im taking my talents and my#sidepart to #TeamJohnny at #wm28 !!
@ShawnMichaels Hope everybody enjoyed RAW...boy am I gonna get in a lot of trouble come April 1. SNAP!!! I did it again...will I ever learn? :-)
@JoeyStyles Wow! @EveMarieTorres, what happened to you? #AskEve
@DavidOtunga “@DJTibbitts: @DavidOtunga Do you think @JohnCena have a case from being hit from behind” He does if I'm his lawyer.#OtungaLaw
@mikethemiz The most must-see Superstar in WWE history will NOT be denied. #GiveMizaMatch#MizMania
@IAmJericho Hanging with your sister huh? RT @CMPunk Finally watching @WalkingDead_AMC !!!
@JohnCena I am ok after carwreck. Shouldve been driving a @Ford @TheRock got your message loud and clear.. Its on #WM28#onceinalifetime
@IAmJericho Yep you're the only one. RT @SethMates Am I the only one not all that looking forward to WrestleMania this year?
@RealKellyKelly Regarding that blog @EveMarieTorres,Since when did GIRLS get on the cover of Maxim and Maxims hot 100 huh? I think your the jealous one ☺

@milanmiracle David Patunga! U cheap son a ma gun! My cobra is drooling at the thought of striking . . . YOUR FACE!
@EveMarieTorres Congrats on the rally @ZackRyder! Wish I could have been there.... Darn. Let me know if you need me to have a chat with @GMSmackDown.
@DavidOtungaCalm down @milanmiracle. Put your sock back in your pants. @WWE @WWEUniversesaw me beat you on #RAW. Therefore, I should be the US CHAMP

Best of the Rest

The WWE Universe doesn't miss a thing! From "Meane Gene" trending because of the Randy Orton interview from the Okerlund position, to Lord Tensai's eerie vignette, to a heartwarming appearance from Big Show, David Otunga and Stephanie McMahon celebrating be a STAR in Bridgeport, Conn., Twitter was inundated with 23 trending topics! Here are some of the other best tweets from Monday night.

The WWE encourages every person to be a STAR

Big Show, David Otunga & Stephanie McMahon travel to Brideport CT to support the "be a STAR" campaign.

@DJBennyBlaze Stephanie McMahon is trending on Twitter despite not having an account. And was only on a commercial for a few sec. #WWE#Stephanie McMahon

@NicolePiper Love #Stephanie McMahon I want her back.

@BillHigg bring back #Stephanie McMahon

@KellyFranks84@arda_ocal #MeanGene would be proud @WWE #RAW

@UnaverageJoseph@WWE #Raw It would be amazing if #MeanGene was trending right now #ShutUpCole

@TomFoy89 Bring Back #MeanGene #Raw

@UnaverageJoseph Is @WWE really conducting an interview on the top of the ramp on#Raw or am I watching #MeanGene and #CowboyBobOrton ?#ShutUpCole

@mvp486 Interviews on the stage are a lost art. #Raw #MeanGene

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