Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 13, 2012

Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 13, 2012

It's the Day After Raw

Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 13, 2012

OK, WWE Universe. It's officially the Day After Raw, and we're still talking about a "reunion" concert giving Bieber a run for his money, AJ's tofu surprise for World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, Jericho's low blow to WWE Champion CM Punk. Oh yeah, and Alanis Morrisette trended and it's not the 1990s. All this, plus your tweets and those of your favorite Superstars and Divas, right here on Day After Raw.

Ain't no Kumbaya happening at this concert ...

Well, we didn't think it would get any less intense. In a Rock Concert-Cena Rap showdown more personal and insult-slinging than it would be considered Woodstock, the WWE Universe was very vocal about which Superstar they thought stole the show. So get your lighters out - these two won't be singing "Kumbaya" any time soon.

John Cena raps his true feelings about The Rock:  Raw, March 12, 2012

John Cena goes old-school as the "Master of Thuganomics" raps his true feelings about The Rock at Raw on March 12, 2012

@osubrian #RAW in Cleveland tonight!!! John Cena looking fresh in that MarkPrice jersey!

@TruthMerchants Mark Price is trending worldwide! @JohnCena wore his @Cavsjersey on #Raw tonight @WWE

@PINFALLMagazine The Mark Price jersey was kinda dope. #Raw
@LUNI_TUNZ You knew it was on right when Cena walked out with the Mark Pricejersey. #Raw
@ekazen Cena has to return that Mark Price jersey to the @CavsTeamShopnow. @WWE #Raw
@BeertasticCLE Old school Mark Price jersey. Nice touch by @johncena. #Raw
@Tenacious__Z Cheap Pops and Catchphrases: The Song. @WWE #RAW
@Micki_Messalina Lol Cena begging for a rectal exam. #Raw
@Old_Skool_Andre Aww damn #RAW
@WrestlingNoob PLAY FREEBIRD! #raw
@ViperAaronThe Rock is hilarious! @WWE #Raw
@lollyjo71 @JohnCena was #smokin. @TheRock is just #sappy. #Raw

Vegging out in the Skybox

We don't know about you, but we're waiting for the Lifetime movie about World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and AJ. We're not quite sure what to think of AJ sitting up in that skybox with the better-than-you vegan. Although the gold certainly looked good draped over the feisty Diva's waist, we're not sure her body language spoke the same. Calling Kaitlyn, Natalya, anyone? Could it be time for an intervention of sorts with WWE's Geek Goddess? 

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler: Raw, March 12, 2012

No. 1 contender, Sheamus clashes with Dolph Ziggler at Raw on March 12, 2012.

@tj_grav I sense a situation in the Force @WWEAJLee. You look scared or nervous for some reason on @WWE #Raw. And I think it's because of D Bryan.
@WWEAJLee u should so dump Daniel bryans sorry butt
@ErikVanDjismie #AJ costs #D-Bry the #biggoldbelt at #WM28... book it #RAW
@AngieLandreth@WWE You had to love @WWEDanielBryan response to@WWEAJLee "love", "The feeling is mutual", haha
@EnigmaCalaway Watch out @WWEAJLee! @WWEDanielBryan may throw you out of the skybox if he thinks Shaemus is coming up there. #WWE #RAW#ShutUp
@TheWWENation@WWEAJLee 911. Thats all I have to say.
@IPerriVonDHEEL @WWEAJLee shouldnt be afraid of Daniel Bryan.. Stand up to that jerk! @WWE #raw
‏@christheproff @WWEAJLee You should run with the title :)
@CM4Real I hope @WWEAJLee stands up to @WWEDanielBryan tonight on#Raw - how he treated her on #SmackDown is disgusting.#ThatsNoWayToTreatAWoman

@DarnellLAllen Hey, I may not like @WWEDanielBryan 's treatment of @WWEAJLee, but that gold looks good in her lap. #FutureDivaChamp #RAW

@TXRICK227@Wweluver51398 @WWEDanielBryan @WWEAJLee whe does he think he talking to his girlfriend that way?? i just wish she see him for what he is..

@KingAris13 could @WWEAJLee look more scared. #WWE #RAW

‏@Peoples_Lima @WWEDanielBryan is a lying slapnut jabroni jerk,@WWEAJLeeshould drop him like a bad habit! @WWE #RAW

Oh no, low-blow Jericho!

We didn't think he'd go there ... but then, can we really put anything past Chris Jericho? Taking their rivalry outside the ring and into the personal side, Jericho brought up CM Punk's alcoholic father as a way to get inside the WWE Champion's head before WrestleMania. We have to ask - will this course of action work for Jericho, or will it just backfire and enrage The Straight Edge Superstar so much that Jericho will suffer come WrestleMania? Time will tell. But the WWE Universe also wanted to do some telling ... like telling Jericho off.

Chris Jericho gets personal with CM Punk with stinging words about his father: Raw, March 12, 2012

Chris Jericho's revealing words causes WWE Champion CM Punk to nearly break down in the middle of the ring at Raw on March 12, 2012.

@jonfun #WWE #RAW wow, deep psychology.

@RedHurricane24 Why must you embed personal and dark secrets in order to raise the interests of a match? This is just so sad. @wwe #raw

@AngelaLonghurst 20-0 will be the result. #RAW

@stylesclash10 Oh, Y2J just made it *dramatic build up music* personal. #Raw

@JesseNichole Woah Nelly, We're getting personal!... I like it... #Raw

@AmandaRaee_x3 Damn Jericho... #RAW

@MrsWrestlemania WHY do they continue to do this?? I don't think its's entertaining to hear the past pain of someone's life. It's sad. #RAW

@_OMGMayaBieber CM Punk , don't let Jericho get in your head . #Raw

@shaunblackford #RAW Wow they went there.......... #JerichoBadToTheBone#InNeedOfStoryForThisIsNotNeeded

@DJ_D_Roc Jericho is going to the personal stage. #WWE #Raw

@MichelleDBeadle Jericho fights like me, Gustopher. Aimed at jugular. Oy RT@GusRamsey glad no one chanted CM Drunk. That would have been insensitive. #RAW

@BigBonedJim @WWEUniverse @IAmJericho @CMPunk He went too far, that was just wrong!!! #Raw

@Podswoggle Somebody get CM Punk a Diet Coke on the rocks. He's gonna need it. #BestInTheWorld #Raw #WWE

@DAsharpshooters The only thing worse than making CM Punk drink is stopping Stone Cold Steve Austin from drinking. #wwe #Raw

@WWE God DAMN... @IAmJericho just got REAL. I actually got goosebumps!! #RAW

Superstars Crossing

Check out what the Superstars and Divas were saying during Raw on Twitter as they watched all the action unfold.

The Law Offices of David Otunga

If you have a Twitter account, you can have a lawyer. Follow @DavidOtunga for your personal legal advice.

@IAmJericho Just found out some interesting information about @CMPunk ....A dirty little secret. #wwe #raw
@thebellatwinsOooohhhh damn! #BellaArmy what did you think of that rap?! #Raw
@thebellatwins Um @JohnCena looks HOT! #Raw
@thebellatwinsSo excited for this battle rap!! Nikki #Raw
@thebellatwins Looks like Brodus Clay's girls are stealing the Bella Pose up on the ring... #bellawannabes
@TheRock Cleveland. RAW. 100% sold out. Team Bring It - time to have some fun. #RockConcert
@scottstanford1 Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on fire tonight!! And i havent even finished clean up in catering yet!
@JustinRoberts (Joey Lawrence)WOAH! Cleveland is sold out & already on their feet.@WWE #Raw goes live in 10 min w @JohnCena @TheRock HBK Undertaker n more
@DavidOtunga That's right I'm the CAPTAIN of Team Laurinaitis and Mark Henry and I demolished Santino on @WWE #RAW. Can't be stopped. Won't be stopped.
@ZackRyder Can't wait for my date with @EveMarieTorres. #imhungry
@ezekielwwe #raw #wwe #istillgetchills when this theme plays...

Best of the Rest

After Raw went off the air: John Cena announced MGK was coming to WrestleMania: Exclusive - March 12, 2012

MGK gets in the ring with John Cena after Raw in this Exclusive.

@HellcatPerez LOL at Santino's walk and Aksana doing the same thing #WWE #Raw

@BrittyChelle Santino just makes me smile, for real. @WWE #Raw
@FPOFrankieCorso Let's go @milanmiracle and @AksanaWWE this is going to be a good match. @WWE @WWEUniverse #RAW

@Vanilla_Vice Funkasaurus! SOMEBODY CALL MY MAMA! #raw @wwe@GingerPimpernel FUNKASAURUS! #Raw @WWE #BestMusicEver

@MarkinOut YESSSS! Now dancing around the house! #Funkasaurus #WWE#Raw
@superarazel @WWE #TeamTeddy lezzgo #RAW
@ereyes312 #SomebodyCallMyMomma it's about to get funky up in here! :D #Raw
@KyleWaddle Woah, the funkasaurus is still here! @wwe #raw
@bircheezy #Funkasaurus! Yea! #Raw @CamelClutchBlog
@WMMANews Now trending - Alanis Morrisette - isn't that ironic HBK?
@Nixchick Alanis Morrisette herself was on #TheVoice and she didn't trend...but she trends cuz of some wrestling promo? :S
@AngeGoldPretty sure HBK's promo is leading to Alanis Morrisette as guest ring announcer. #Ironic
@gymdiva Don't lie-you now have Alanis Morrisette in your head #isntitironic
@WrestlingDivas Isn't it ironic, Don't you think?- Alanis Morrisette
@SmarkRage Dont ya think RT @XavierWoodsPhD: Shawn has apparently been listening to Alanis Morrisette...
@KellenDaniel I keep waiting for Shawn to bust out that Alanis Morrisette after he says 'isn't it ironic?'
@BigBabyBlank Jack Swaggers new haircut is a little bit peewee and a lot of Dennis the menace. Even cookie cutter brown hair Ziggler would LOL. #Raw

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