Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 6, 2012

Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 6, 2012

Your Boston tour guide, The Rock

Aren't you glad you cancelled your duck tour of Boston? Who wouldn't enjoy The Rock bringing is own brand of informative lessons about Boston history? Somebody call the EPA, there's an influx of hot garbage in the Boston Harbor, right near West Newbury, Mass ... that is, according to The Rock. 

The Rock educates John Cena at historic locations throughout Boston: Raw

Raw: The Rock educates John Cena at historic locations throughout Boston

@BRAVO_229 Forget history lessons, we want a #RockConcert! @WWE #Raw

@PosseOfDiBiase Rock's just mad John has more merch then him. #Raw

@PaulGriffin A Rock Boston Party? Did he bring Pitbull? @WWE #RAW

@TehBreezy1 Midget shorts, lol. @WWE #RAW

@TooillyChieRich BAZINGA!!!!!!! #RAW

@TehBreezy1 Midget shorts, lol. @WWE #RAW

@KingBeanie Wow, I just got a history lesson by The Rock. #WWE #RAW

@MrsZigglesworth But but.. it's a patriotic city, Rocky. #RAW

@bradcandoit The Rock knows way more about Paul Revere than Sarah Palin.#RAW

@SamuraiTX90 Only @TheRock is as funny even if its the most random thing ever oh god what a song! #Raw

@DavidDouglas88 I wish @TheRock would have been my history teacher #Raw

@TheRemotePatrol Best version of Yankee Doodle. EVER. #RAW

@mamalove81 C'mon Dwayne, a time machine? Really? Reeeally? @TheRock@WWE #Raw

@KasonM These @TheRock history lessons are classic Rock #RAW

HBK's three-count

Shawn Michaels came to Raw with one thing on his mind: Triple H. And no matter when or where he comes back, the WWE Universe is always excited to see the WWE Hall of Famer. And maybe pray for a Superkick. As HBK questioned The King of Kings in the middle of the ring - causing a hitch in the bromance giddy-up, the WWE Universe took to Twitter to sound-off about The Showstopper's biting words in the squared circle and being named special referree for Triple H's match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Raw: Shawn Michaels reveals he is the guest ref for Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania

Raw: Shawn Michaels reveals he is the guest ref for Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania

@SmoHawk #RAW time in Bawstan #HBK kicking it we go!!!

@RingGearMark #HBK! The Heartbreak Kid! Shawn Michaels!#OriginalBESTINTHEWORLD #MrWrestleMania #RAW

@EricaWing #HHH and #HBK = Best Bromance Ever! @WWE #Raw

@The1andonlyJer Really want #HBK to superkick HHH before this segment ends.#livetweeting #RAW

@HEELRoberts21Shawn is better! #raw #HBK

@LT_05#raw damn #HBK is pushing his luck

@teaspoon_whitey So he's doing this for Shawn, huh? taking down taker for his buddy? sweet #hbk #hhh #raw

@AlexDowny @WWE Now THAT'S a Showstopper! #Raw #HBK #HHH

@SonnyDoney97 Shawn Michaels is asking for a pedigree from Triple H lmfao! #Oak#Raw #DX #HBK

Santino per la vittoria!

For our non-Italian speaking members of the WWE Universe, our sub-hede says "Santino for the win!" In another Milan Miracle moment, The Italian Stallion defeated Jack Swagger to put the United States Championship around the paisan's waist. Yes, you read that correctly. In the melee that occurred between the two GM's - Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis, we have a NEW U.S. Champion. Leave the Cobra. Take the cannoli.

Raw: Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger - United States Championship Match

Raw: Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger - United States Championship Match

@NeatPaul Yesssssss it's #Santino. I bet he doesn't win unfortunately #WWE#Raw

@agentdeadpool Santino chants are A-MAZING!! #Raw #Santino

@micky2209 Yeeeah!!! @milanmiracle vs @RealJackSwagger for the#UnitedStatesChampionship... Come on #Santino... #Kobra #Kobra!!!#Raw

@CRob7 @wwe #Raw #supershow - #Santino about to win the US Title! Right after the commercial, of course

 @SuckMy__CLAYCOBRA !! #Raw

@dougfancy101290 What! No! Santino stole the title from one of Vickie's proteges!@WWE #Raw

@zackrydergirl50 Santino won. I'm laughing. I don't even know why. #Raw

@SmoHawk It's the #BostonMiracle @milanmiracle is the NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION.....errrr...maybe

@OfficialCenafan Santino wins. While Santino is crying me and @JCCena1 are crying too. #CobraPack US. Champ @WWE #Raw


Who is your #bestintheworld?

Michael Cole asked the WWE Universe to tweet out who was #bestintheworld live on Raw. Some of you lucky members of the WWE Universe heard your tweets on air. If you didn't, maybe you'll find your answer here.

Raw: CM Punk & Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho & Daniel Bryan

Raw: CM Punk & Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho & Daniel Bryan

@JustinSubryan @WWEDanielBryan #BestInTheWorld #WorldHeavyweightChampion#AmericanDragon

@Sul6anSale7 Come #BestInTheWorld #TheGreatWhite , Broke his body daniel and jericho in the match #Raw. #WWE.

@riptidelab Daniel Bryan is the #bestintheworld because all he does is win. Of Punk & Jericho, CM Punk. Behold the Gold. 

@AllTime_Sarah #bestintheworld Jericho because the jacket trololol

@Ebenjamin24 CM Punk #BestInTheWorld just cuz!!

@lovee_katiee #bestintheworld = neither @mikethemiz is both #awesome and#bestintheworld

@kboogie15 @IAmJericho #BestInTheWorld because Pepsi sucks! #RAW

@ChrisChilton81 Chris Jericho is the best just look at his accomplishments!#bestintheworld #raw #wwe

@Shawn_Admire #bestintheworld is @IAmJericho FIRST EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER Undisputed Champion! DESTROYED Rock AND Austin in one night. Nobody's done that!!


Superstars Crossing

Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 6, 2012
Check out what some of the Superstars and Divas had to say throughout Raw on Twitter. Not only do you see them on television, but they are fans, too! See their candid, sometimes controversial Twitter thoughts while Raw SuperShow was going on.

@RealKingRegal A lot of British bashing by The Rock on #Raw.He wants to not worry so much about John Cena and worry about getting a dry slap from me.

@thebellatwins That was completely wrong of Teddy! How dare him have@WWERawGM John Laurinaitis escorted out of the building! This is his show!!!! #Raw

@ZackRyder@EveMarieTorres kissed me...on the lips. #WWWYKI

@NatbyNature It's been an awesome Raw so far. I kind of want to see Triple H and The Heartbreak Kid duke it out!!!

 @scottstanford1 When you add the Boston Harbor Stank to the John Cena Cologne, it's really not all that bad!! I'm keeping this one!

@AliciaFoxy Foxed up and ready to go!!

@GMSmackDown @WWERawGM @DavidOtunga How's the weather out there, playas?#Holla

@WWERawGM I think we can all agree that @DavidOtunga and I were victims of great injustice at the hands of @GMSmackDown tonight. This isn't over. #Raw

@DavidOtunga Teddy thinks he can kick me out of @WWE #RAW at TD Garden? Hmph! Harvard is just down the street. All will be rectified on #SmackDown

@thebellatwinsHhmmmm who's preachin' it better @JohnCena or @TheRock??? Damn we're torn! #Raw #Cenation or #Boots2Asses

Best of the rest ...

Raw: Eve kisses a stunned Zack Ryder

Raw: Eve kisses a stunned Zack Ryder

We couldn't believe our eyes ... so we had to show it to you again. Eve and Zack Ryder ... kiss!? What? When? Where? How? Must just be "Eve being Eve."

@KeepItFiveStar That was the Posion Ivy kiss, Ryder. She's Poison I-vEve

@Mtlica4Ever Can Teddy have Michael Cole ejected from the building as well? Please? @WWE #Raw

@love_dtaniese Oh HELL NO! Clown Shoes didn't just touch #Santino #Raw

‏@SadieandCompany Throughly solid #RAW leading up to WM. Now...on to Being Human.
@michaelduron @wwe #Raw can we get @JohnCena mocktherock trending?
@WWE_Fever @JohnCena and @TheRock in concert on @WWE #RAW next week?? This is gotta see.
@BobbyWWETuxGuy Lmao John Cena with the promo tips on his arm, I freaking love Cena#WWE #RAW


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