Eve, Ryder fuel more bad feelings on social media

Eve, Ryder fuel more bad feelings on social media

After Eve declared on Raw SuperShow this past Monday that she’d taken advantage of Zack Ryder’s feelings to further her own career and planned on doing the same with John Cena, the Diva quickly became the recipient of the WWE Universe’s scorn on all fronts. Fans have chanted that she is a “hoeski,” and have taken to Facebook and Twitter to give Eve a piece of their minds.

In a WWE.com exclusive video, the Diva responded in an attempt to explain her actions. She said that everybody uses each other and asked why she was on the receiving end of so much vitriol. Eve described herself as a “woman of class,” believing that she did not deserve the reaction she was getting.

Not surprisingly, The Long Island Iced Z disagreed with Eve’s statements. In fact, while still convalescing from injuries suffered by Kane, Ryder posted a response to the Diva's comments on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

Less than 48 hours after Ryder's contentious rebuttal, Eve replied with an equally heated message for Ryder on her Facebook page. Though she doesn't address the uncomfortable shout-out made by Ryder in the latest webisode of his YouTube series for WWE, "Z! True Long Island Story," it's painfully evident that Eve is not impressed with the Superstar's handling of the recent events between them.

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