The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Feb. 21, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Feb. 21, 2012

It's the Day after Raw and what have we learned? Good girls do go bad, the WWE Hall of Fame has some "Damn!" good inductees this year, and a very interesting choice of fabric for an announcer's jacket. All this and, of course, your tweets!

Hey, Eve! How do you like me now?

Well, that's a "good girl gone bad." On Raw, Eve told The Bella Twins her evil plans of using Zack Ryder and John Cena to further her career. Zack Ryder? She can check that one off. John Cena? Not so fast. And as Eve quickly learned in front of millions of members in the WWE Universe, it's #broskisbeforehoeskis and chicks before ... well, you know the rest.

@ZackRyder I don't chase...I replace! #HOESKI

@WWEsBiggestFan: That is correct folks.... #Hoeski is now trending worldwide on twitter... No really.. It is. Lol.

@BigBadBill83 That awesome moment when #Hoeski is trending world wide on twitter.

@Smalls0629 A very different start to #Raw. When was the last time Raw kicked off with the Divas? I liked it.

@nacgator: Eve, if you're gonna give away your plans like a Bond villain, look out for cameras #Raw

@ScottSlimmer Not cool, Eve. Not cool. #butistillloveyou#WWE #Raw

@NimeshMSagar Foiled right away. Can't fool Cena. EVER. Fool him once, shame on him. Fool him twice, you know the rest... #WWE #RAW

@KHart777 LoL thanks @EveMarieTorres for playing " OH NO SHE DIDN'T" #RAW

@TheWholeFnSchmo #broskisbeforehoeskis @WWE #RAW

@JaviRuiz50 Eve Torres, what goes around comes around! #WWE #RAW

@DanielonDeck Eve just got verbal killed by John Cena.#BroskiesForHoeskies #Raw

@WWEUniverse: "For your information ... I'm disease free, and I'd like to keep it that way!" - @JohnCena, to @EveMarieTorres,#WWE #RAW

@SummerFreezeWWE *Says in Barney Voice* Now kids, remember, #Broski before #Hoeski#RAW

@MelissaBW @WWE #RAW Eve shouldve been embracing Kane's hate. I bet he doesnt care if she's a #Hoeski


CM Punk: Camel Fur Commando

All hail CM Punk with his #camelfur blazer and lack of pants. You know things get exciting when Mr. Pipe Bomb sits in on commentary. said a couple of weeks ago that we'd like to see announcer's jackets make a triumphant return to WWE television. (STORY) We were thinking more along the lines of a nice polyester blend, but the WWE Champion was way ahead of us for the next big thing in announcer fashion.

@jordha "Kofi Rhodes? Looks like someone is Jamaican You Crazy" - CMPunk, Expert Commentary

 @MarkinOut I swear...YEARS from now when CMPunk retires from the ring...I hope he gets a commentary contract. #WWE#Raw

@CoreySantiago Here comes WWE Champion, CMPunk for a ringside seat for the battle royal. He's got a blazer on! It's commentary time!!!! #WWE#RAW

@BLITZENTERPRISE   Get Camel Fur trending people! Do it for PUNK! #CAMELFUR 

@OGkevingill Great moments in commentary history. A #BuckZumhofe reference on #RAW#CamelFur thanks @CMPunk

@Podswoggle We generally don't follow these silly things, but come on...#camelfur. Get it trending. #raw

@JaymarcLucas @CMPunk Looking snazzy tonight, Champ! #CamelFur

@Brugger1995 I want a #camelfur blazer from the thrift store


A "Damn" good inductionembedcolon25060730

 WWE Universe, please welcome the newest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame - Ron Simmons! Simmons was the first African-American World Heavyweight Champion, who teamed with the likes of JBL on his way to becoming one of WWE's most popular Superstars. In recent years, Simmons has been known for his famous catchphrase, "Damn!" which has been heard in some of the most spectacular - and awkward moments - in WWE. Simply stated, perhaps there is no other man on the planet who could pull off a T-shirt with the word "Damn!" in white block letters than the College Football Hall of Famer, who can now add "WWE Hall of Famer" to his impressive list of accomplishments. 

@RaTeD_RMN #DAMN!!! #HoF#raw

@Baileex3 #DAMN! RON SIMMONS, #HallOfFame@WWE#RAW

@KennethFabe When the APA would make people knock on the door in the middle of their room #raw

@Flynnzer89 @WWE Ron Simmons being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame..... #DAMN Bout Time Too. #RAW

@oKidUKo Ron Simmons in the hall of fame.. DAMN! Always liked him since back in WCW. #wwe#raw

@HenryJamesOlsen Yes #DAMN Right. Ron Simmons. #RAW#HOF @WWE

@GeorgeyB22 #damn is about to be trending with Ron Simmons being inducted into the HoF.#Raw

@Mista_Jovon Ron "Faarooq" Simmons to be inducted into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame @WWE#RAW#Damn 1st African American Heavyweight Champ #salute

@coreymcollins watch Ron Simmons win the WCW Title all day long. The crowd goes insane. Perfect. #RonSimmons#RAW


#RonSimmons FINALLY in the #WWE Hall of Fame...bout #DAMNtime.

@SLPunkHeel YES! I only said his catchprhrase a few minutes ago... Ron Simmons aka Farooq is going to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame#RAW


The Best of the Rest

From the impending Undertaker-Triple H Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania on April 1 to SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long's recent foray into stand-up comedy, the WWE Universe didn't miss a beat. Here's some of the best of the rest tweets from Raw. 

@KeepItFiveStar The Rock's gonna be there next week? He's actually going to show up? No Satellite? No telegram? No People's Carrier Pigeon?

@666gg @LaRosaMendes is the Global Warming of the @WWE#RAW

@MattBInYYC We have named this tag team Air Jimmies.#RAW#WWE

@GoffRocka Hell yeah go teddy :D @WWE#raw he's telling otunga and big johnny who the real muppets are

@mirak_eel Teddys full of the lolz these days! Brilliant.#Raw

@TreTheShinobi Why does david otunga have a mug to match every damn sweater vest #wwe #raw

JimmyIliadis10:15am via web

@HEELZiggler How's the #HEEL doing after a brutal landing on the announce table on #Raw? Hope you're alright man. Wish you the best!

j92allen10:14am via web

Cole disapproving of @CMPunk knocking out @IAmJericho in the #Chamber is ridiculous, why would you not with the @WWE title on the line #Raw

ajMo9710:11am via web

#RAW was off the charts last night! pumped for 'Mania already #WWE

@CJStarchild10:11am via web

Hey @DavidOtunga, I know you're happy to win a match, but no more Arabesque romance novel poses after you win bro-ham. Thanks. #RAW #WWE

@MetropolisSupesI really hope #WadeBarrett has a speedy recovery! That injury to his left arm looked disgusting!



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