WWE Universe to Board of Directors: Remove Laurinaitis!

WWE Universe to Board of Directors: Remove Laurinaitis!

The WWE Universe reacted quickly this week to the WWE Board of Directors' decision on Tuesday to retain Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis as Interim General Manager of Monday Night Raw. (READ MORE ON DECISION)

While Laurinaitis had a few supporters rally to his aid, the majority of comments on Twitter, Facebook and WWE InterAction were critical of the Board's vote of confidence.

In a poll on WWE's Facebook Page, 91 percent of the WWE Universe voted that Laurinaitis should have been removed as Interim Raw GM.

Here's a sampling of comments in support of the Board of Directors' decision:

@fry_jim: @WWE kept Johnny because HHH has a personal issue going on with the Taker. His head isn't clear right now #WWEBoard

@y0ItzDope: They kept @WWERawGM because he doing a good job. Which other GM openly said they would screw the WWE champ. Winner in my book #WWEBoard

@MichaelByron97 Because @WWERawGM is entertaining, innovative and has a keen eye for talent! @WWEUniverse #WWEBoard

@twostepflow Because he is the best person for the job, everyone makes mistakes I'm sure he will learn from them. #WWEBoard

@CallMeUsman #WWEBoard kept Mr John because he is Mr Entertainment, and Wrestlemania is going to be awesome if he is still GM

Tyler Sabourin: John Laurinaitis is one if the best things on RAW, consistently, every week.

Pamela Spivey: Unless there's someone else out there capable of stepping up to the plate, give Laurjnaitis another shot. But PLEEEZZZZEEE, NO Vicki!

@SaraMarsh: #WWEBoard duh. If he's gone, who is @CMPunk going to ridicule on a weekly basis? @IAmJericho? Please, his jacket does that for him.

Here's a sampling of comments critical of the Board of Directors' decision:

Joshua Nowak: This had to be one of the worst decisions that the WWE Board of Directors has ever made ... Their second worst decision was assigning John Laurinatis as the interim general manager of RAW. They made a big mistake, and now the are too blind to see that they need to erase that mistake.

Linda Rushoe: If (Mr. McMahon) is on the board of directors then I'm sure he had a lot to do with keeping Laurinaitis because they are 2 of a kind. What kind of person openly and on tv admits he is going to deliberately make the champ loose his belt because he doesn't like him, he blatently makes the same champ loose 3 matches in a row, and has the nerve to put an injured man in a match against one of the most brutal wrestlers knowing that he is NOT MEDICALLY CLEARED to wrestle? Then when the person is about to get fired, then he comes out all apologetic, being so nicey nicey and crying to the board. Come on, get a back bone and fire Laurinaitis.

Alyson Sultan: Hello??? Zack ryder!!! He screwed Ryder 4 no reason & set him up 2 be out on injury 4 who knows how long! That alone should have gotten him fired! Laurinaitis is responsible 4 all of the talent on RAW & their well being! He is not safe @ all!  ... Do u want me 2 go on?

Bianca Washington: He is sucking the life out of Raw. It's getting too hard to stay awake. Guess I'll find something else to watch on Monday nights.

Terry Lacey: WWE Board Of Directors made A Bad Decision! They should Fired Lauranitis and Bring back Triple H As GM! Triple H can do A Better Job I Believe ... I Like To see All The Member of Raw Roster Walk out and not come Back until Lauranitis is Forced To Resign.

Joseph Devlin: When I saw John put Zack Ryder in them matches injured as he was and he had to defend his United States Championship in the condition he was in, I lost respect for John.

Dan Morrison: Wow, the Board has a soft heart these days i cant believe they bought that load of crap from Laurinitis! I have lost faith in wwe board !!!

Austin Ray Laws: So bogus, its ridiculous that he is still "in charge". Someone like Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels should take his place as GM. As least those two have attitude and backbone unlike "Mr. Excitement".

@J__Robbo: @WWE #WWEBoard because they wanted someone to laugh at and someone to be a failure

@DalenFlynn: Really? Really? @WWERawGM is worse than Mike Adamle!! Who could possibly think Laurinaitis is doing a good job?!! #WWEBoard

@RaghavSDaga #WWEBoard absolutely wrong decision! not impressed! dejected! :(

@banebladeseib: @WWE you serious? the guy is as exciting as watching paint dry! #WWEBoard

Why do YOU think the Board kept John Laurinaitis as Interim Raw GM? Was this a good decision? Let your voice be heard on WWE Interaction now! You can also comment on Twitter using the hashtag #WWEBoard.

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