WWE Raw SuperShow results: Laurinaitis snaps!

WWE Raw SuperShow results: Laurinaitis snaps!

 ANAHEIM, Calif. – Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis unleashed a pipe bomb of his own on WWE Champion CM Punk. First he reversed the decision of the night’s main event. Then after saying he’s sick and tired of being disrespected, he admitted he’s going to try to screw Punk at Royal Rumble. At the end of his emotional tirade, the EVP then bashed WWE Legend Mick Foley in the head with a mic!

Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler & David Otunga  def. Chris Jericho, WWE Champion CM Punk & World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan (WATCH: PART 1 | PART 2 | PHOTOS)
In a marquee main event featuring some of Raw’s biggest Superstars, the odds changed when a fired up Chris Jericho curiously tagged out and simply walked away from the match. The balance of power shifted again, when World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry’s fight took them away from the ring. To even the odds, Mick Foley joined the fray … claiming Laurinaitis gave him permission.

GM-FoleyAfter a DDT, followed by Mr. Socko, Foley put away Otunga for the win … or so he thought.

After the bell, John Laurinaitis came to the ring and announced he never gave Foley permission to be in the match and reversed the decision. After the controversial call, Punk berated the GM for being uncharismatic and vanilla. But Laurinaitis, snapped and declared he would soon be the permanent GM and he will not be intimidated by Punk. Things came to a head when Foley forced the GM to admit he’s going to screw Punk at Royal Rumble.

"You're damn right I will," Laurinaitis declared, then smashed Foley in the head with the mic!

Brodus Clay def. JTG (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After dancing his way to the ring, Brodus Clay took on JTG. Relying on an aresenal of hard-hitting moves, "The Funkasaurus" made quick work of JTG. 

A John Cena vs. United States Champion Jack Swagger Non-title Match ended in a No Contest (WATCH | PHOTOS)John Cena
Right from the start, John Cena launched a brutal assault against the newly crowned United States Champion. After relentlessly pummeling Swagger, Cena was ready to deliver a particularly vicious blow with the steel ring steps … when The Big Red Monster Kane appeared on the arena screen to instantly command Cena’s attention. “I think you’re getting it,” Kane growled, referencing Cena appearing to embrace hate as their Royal Rumble Match looms. (PREVIEW)

R-TruthR-Truth won an Over-the-Top Rope Challenge (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After R-Truth revealed pictures from his trip to Disneyland (WATCH), Wade Barrett quickly lost interest. Next, The Miz and Barrett attacked Truth, but Sheamus charged in to help fend them off. Before total chaos erupted, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long emerged to announce the four would do battle in an Over-the-Top Rope Challenge. The first to be eliminated was Wade Barrett by all three competitors. Later, when Sheamus was poised to eliminate The Miz, Truth rushed in and flipped both Superstars over the rope to seize the win. After the bout, Sheamus dropped Miz to the arena floor with a brutal Brogue Kick.

Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox def. The Bella Twins (WATCH | PHOTOS)
With celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton acting as the special guest ring announcer, Hilton thwarted twin magic by causing a distraction, allowing Kelly Kelly to capture victory for her team. Afterward, The Bellas dropped Hilton to the canvas, who promptly hid behind Kelly Kelly & Fox to escape more twin wrath.

Jack Swagger def. Zack Ryder to win the United States Championship (WATCH | PHOTOS)Swagger
Even though he was injured at the hands of Kane on last week’s Raw SuperShow (MORE), United States Champion Zack Ryder was forced to defend his title against Jack Swagger. The match was made in the interest of “fairness’’ by the GM, who felt a ref made a bad call in Swagger’s match with Punk on last week’s Raw SuperShow (MORE). After punishing and humiliating his injured opponent with three gutwrench powerbombs, Swagger dethroned Ryder. The win was especially sweet for Swagger, who has been chasing championship glory since losing the World Heavyweight Championship in 2010. After the match, Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis apologized after revealing Ryder was not medically cleared to compete (WATCH).

The Interim Raw GM Laurinaitis changed the main event
The night's main event was changed by the GM to: Chris Jericho, WWE Champion CM Punk & World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler & David Otunga.

WWE Tag Team ChampionsWWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico def. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In their first title defense since winning the WWE Tag Team Championships yesterday at a WWE Live Event in Oakland’s Oracle Center (WATCH), Primo & Epico downed former champions Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne, when Epico blasted Bourne with a backstabber. After the match, Rosa helped the duo celebrate.


Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis denied Mick Foley’s request to be in the Royal Rumble Match (PHOTOS)
After Mick Foley kicked off Raw SuperShow by expressing his desire to be in the 2012 Royal Rumble Match – so that his two kids could see him compete – he was quickly criticized for such a lofty dream by former United States Champion Dolph Ziggler. Foley clarified that his goal was to be in the Royal Rumble Match to win it. After more harsh words for the WWE Legend, Ziggler told Foley to “just go away.” Ziggler-Foley

Next, Ziggler’s Royal Rumble opponent, WWE Champion CM Punk, came out to greet his fellow “unconventional” Superstar, pointing out that neither hide behind a woman. The WWE Champion also called Ziggler out for having the GM in his back pocket for their match at Royal Rumble.

As tensions grew in the ring, Laurinaitis emerged and said although he considered Foley’s request to be in the Royal Rumble Match, his answer was “no”! After the blunt answer, Vickie cackled in Foley’s face.


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