Come back with that title, Dolph! It's not yours (yet)

Come back with that title, Dolph! It's not yours (yet)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Thanks to a wild WWE Championship Match between CM Punk and No. 1 contender Dolph Ziggler, the WWE Universe was reminded of two things during the inaugural Raw SuperShow of 2012. First, the WWE Championship cannot be won via a count-out. And second, Dolph Ziggler isn’t exactly the most humble WWE Superstar in history. (PHOTOS | FULL RAW RESULTS)

After a match that left The Second City Savior exasperated by yet another untimely distraction by Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis, Ziggler was deemed the winner by count-out. Although traditional match rules explicitly state that a championship cannot be won in this fashion, The Show Off lived up to his moniker and inexplicably ran into a bewildered FedEx Forum crowd with the WWE Championship in tow. (WATCH)

embedcolon25051994So why did Ziggler run away with the WWE Title if he is not the titleholder? Was Ziggler simply toying with The Voice of the Voiceless, playing a series of mind games to further slither his way into Punk’s head? Will the fact that he’s now beaten Punk in two consecutive matches work in Ziggler’s favor when they meet for the WWE Title at the 25th anniversary of the Royal Rumble later this month? (MATCH PREVIEW)

Then there’s the matter of the WWE Title itself. Ziggler disappeared into the crowd after his match and the WWE Championship went with him. So where is the title now? Has it been returned to its rightful owner? Does Ziggler still have it? Or is Vickie Guerrero having it made into a new pendant to replace her “Cougar” necklace?

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