The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Dec. 26, 2011

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Dec. 26, 2011

One night after Christmas and seven months before the 1,000th edition of Raw (on July 23, 2012), Monday evening’s SuperShow was the gift that kept giving. Like a kid tightly toting the prized possessions left by good old Saint Nick, the Superstars, Divas and even top WWE executives showed off some newly snagged holiday presents.

It’s the day after Raw. In the spirit of the season, let’s see what you thought about the gifts that got GOT by the roster …

Laurinaitis gets a new shirt
He may not be “a forward thinker” (according to CM Punk), but John Laurinaitis sure is a hip dresser. The newest addition to the WWE EVP and Interim Raw GM’s wardrobe was one of the WWE Champion’s “Best in the World” tees, making for a mirror image moment between a widely smiling “Jolly” Ace and The Straight Edge Superstar the night after Christmas.

Feigned support or not, later in the evening, the WWE Universe came sooo close to seeing Laurinaitis throw it back to All Japan in a bout against Punk in the tattooed titleholder’s own hometown, the Windy City.

@HeatherRKOCena: Johnny Ace in CM PUnk Shirt #HELL _NAW #RAW

@Smalls0629: I think John Laurinaitis' CM Punk shirt is a bit too tight. #Raw @WWE

@aj0314: John Laurinaitis doing CM Punk's entrance in his shirt. You're not still hungover from Christmas, folks. #WWE #RAW

@BlueSwim: All Japan name-dropped on #Raw? Can't remember another time that has happened. @WWEgames #WWE #AJPW

@MrsZiggles: Punk vs John L? Haha that'll be entertaining, i just hope he doesn't take his shirt off #RAW

@Fierr89: Kinda disappointed in #Raw. I was sure we'd get to see Johnny Ace get a GTS. It would have been a Christmas miracle!

@NotFakeRichardH: Getting ready to watch a @CMPunk match in my new @CMPunk T-shirt I got for Christmas. I rock. @WWE #Raw

@Vixentye: #wwe #raw John Laryngitis looks like a stuffed sausage in that CM Punk shirt... can't pull it off bro

@RedHurricane24: CM Punk is roasting the @WWERAWGM by mentioning All Japan wrestling clips. #wwe #raw

@jayjayniknak21: you are a disgrace to that shirt bring the best in the world out @CMPunk @WWE #RAW

@zakariah: The All-Japan tapes line broke me. I admit. @CMPunk #Raw

@BreakingKayfabe: Imagine if they just wheeled out Maven in a Best in the World shirt next to absolutely no reaction #Raw

R-Truth attacks The MizTruth gets retribution
Jimmys beware! R-Truth has been set free!

The rhymin’ renegade made his return to Raw after a beatdown from his once trusted associate, The Miz. After thrashing his newfound enemy, Truth spoke about holiday gifts and offered an altered verse from “Auld Lang Syne” that ended with Miz, his “old acquaintance” who’s going to “get got!”

While dancing of the perimeter of incoherence, Truth’s core message was clear to The Awesome One, who better watch his back in 2012. Do you understand?

@WWEFunnyQuotes: "THAT'S the problem with Christmas! You open all your presents and it's OVER!" -@RonKillings #wwefunnyquotes #Raw

@BrandonSalmon: Noooo!!! Not the Water Bottle of Doom!! @WWE #RAW @MattIGN

@DeaconKirby: I'm really gonna have to tell R-Truth to stop beating ppl over the head with water bottle.Especially if its #DeerPark .Thats the good 1 #Raw

@bmdavis09: People who say a water bottle to the head doesn't hurt have never taken a water bottle to the head.. @WWE #Raw

@Mr_Tazo: There's the bottle of water!! I want every Monday night to be like Christmas!!! @WWE #RAW

@Heel4Lifeeee: Jimmy said its ok to celebrate Christmas every Monday @WWE #raw

@Riazhg: #RAW ...and that’s the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth! The Miz is gonna get got! Courtesy of a slow un-raveling from R-Truth

@azntatboy: @WWE da miz got got and das da #truth #RAW

@SirTweets_ALot : Little Jimmy stole R-Truth's stocking. #Raw

@DAsharpshooters: ...........................But I like EVIL R-Truth so much more @WWE #wwe #Raw

@YasmineSaleh: Nevermind R-Truth is still crazy. lol #RAW

@CanadianShaw: I guess R-Truth is a fan favourite again, eh? #RAW

Dolph Ziggler celebrates his pin of CM PunkZiggler gets … a new championship?
Was it a Christmas miracle or just a precursor of what’s ahead in 2012? With his golden mane puffed out perhaps more than his chest, Dolph Ziggler actually pinned CM Punk to earn No. 1 contendership and a title opportunity on the next edition of Raw – the first WWE show of the new year – in a joust that could very well become match of the year in 2012.

After the victory, Ziggler acted like Howard Finkel had just proclaimed him the "NEWWW WWE Champion." The showoff grabbed the WWE Championship for celebratory laps around the ring while The Second City Savior’s fellow Chicagoans voiced their displeasure … which admittedly didn’t quite reach the anti-Cena levels from Money in the Bank this past summer (one of’s Top 25 Matches of 2011).

Speaking of Punk’s hometown, is Chi-Town really the greatest WWE city as The Voice of the Voiceless claimed? Or is it really New York City? Boston? Take your pick of WWE Hot Beds and discuss.

@Skip2MyJays: lmao...Dolph Ziggler celebrates like he just won the #WWE Title. #HEEL #Raw

@EllisCroft: #RAW is in Chicago again tonight, reminds me of Money In The Bank. Match of the year. @CMPunk @WWE

@17_BITW: I'll be happy if Dolph Ziggler @HEELZiggler wins the title last week, he's tough guy, really talented and deserves it. #WWE #RAW

@NikkiOrton16: dolph your hair... tho. #RAW


@JoeyStyles: Next Monday on the first Raw of 2012, @CMPunk defending the WWE Championship against @HeelZiggler could be the WWE Match of the Year. #Raw

@RealWH: Someone tell Dolph he hasn't won the title lol #Raw

@MarkinOut: If Dolph Ziggler's hair was green, he'd look like Doink the Clown. #WWE #Raw #CMHomecoming

@gerardosmm: Next Week on @WWE #Raw The Best in the World WWE Champion @CMPunk vs @HeelZiggler for The WWE Champion on New Year..!!

@xoriseabovehate: I hope Punk makes Laurinaitis GTS for making him lose to Dolph. Soo unfair. @WWE #RAW

@RoninatorMarx: Punk versus Ziggler for WWE Title? I'm feeling sorry for Dolph already. #RAW

@MrsZiggles: Finally!!!!!!!! Dolph is the #1 contender for the WWE Championship!!!!!! YES I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!!!! #RAW

@xBellaSwag: That's not yoouurs ! Dolph ! #RAW

@amygurl325: I think Chicago has the craziest @WWE fans ever #Raw

@RefereeStevieG: This Chicago crowd is hot as hell! They want to see wrestling! @WWE #Raw

@TechProAlex: Johnny Ace just robbed CM Punk on this gauntlet match! "The Best in the World" will retain the WWE title next week! I know so! @WWE #RAW

@PeteMMA: Dolph Ziggler has the weirdest hair #raw

@amb_allenby: #Raw is always the best when it's in Chicago. @CMPunk!

@King12String: Well, Chicago crowd... You had your moment at Money in the Bank, but tonight you let the fame get to ya. Shame on you. Go take a nap. #raw

Random Raw ramblings

@thwjustin: Scarf: 20 dollars. Wheelchair: 200 dollars. Getting zero reaction from a sold out crowd: Priceless. Alberto Del Rio #WWE #RAW

@Sorgatron: I'm more excited for Del Rio's wheelchair than I have been for any of his cars... #wwe #raw

@Deggisfox: Daniel Bryan has proved to us one thing tonight: Mark Henry can be easily distracted by shiny objects. #WWE #RAW

@the_sim: I love the "sexual chocolate" chant in Chicago #Raw ... Just don't bring back the hand ewwww

@Joshykun: Well I see the Bella twins. My Christmas wish for them to be future endeavored wasn't fulfilled. Damn you Santa!!! #Raw

@wweshowtime: You have to feel bad for Del Rio, being out because of injury. 6 weeks without a major talent on #RAW

@wwesouthafrica: So it was Kane's idea to make a #CenaSucks t-shirt?? #raw

@IAmWWEman: Daniel Bryan shoving the title in Henry's face, FTW! #RAW

@RatedCM: I'm so jealous! Zack Ryder was teaming up with Eve Torres last night on #RAW. Lucky dude!

@Shar316: Dear Kane, you'll never be as good as your legendary brother, The Undertaker. #justsayin #Raw

@RFWraslin: @WWE When Kane speaks, be sure to have a dictionary in hand #notetoself #Raw

@mgbertock: I got the new Mark Henry t-shirt for Christmas. So pumped. #RAW @WWE #Merch

Share your voice with the rest of the WWE Universe on Twitter by using #RAW and check back next week for the next edition of The Day After Raw.

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