And the first Slammy Award goes to...

And the first Slammy Award goes to...

With tonight's special three-hour presentation of the Slammy Awards ready to kick off at 8/7 CT on WWE Raw SuperShow, has just gotten word that the first category will be the “Tell Me I Did NOT Just See That” Moment of the Year, presented by SmackDown's Booker T and the newly talkative Hornswoggle.

The nominees in this jawdropping category are as follows:

  • Santino Marella almost winning the 2011 Royal Rumble (PHOTOS)
  • The Miz hitting John Cena with a Rock Bottom while dressed like The Rock (WATCH)
  • R-Truth losing a WWE Title Match due to “Little Jimmy” (PHOTOS)
  • Jim Ross shakes his groove thing during The Michael Cole Challenge (WATCH)

To find out who wins this Slammy and many more, tune in to Raw tonight at 8/7 CT!

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