Here lies "Awesome Truth"

Here lies "Awesome Truth"

R-Truth and The Miz had a great thing going. Their unlikely partnership was working so well, gaining them more screen time, more high-profile matches, more everything (except fans).

Then Sunday night, at Survivor Series, they battled legendary Superstars The Rock and John Cena. Twenty-four hours later, they had been defeated, divided and R-Truth was unconscious on a steel entrance ramp following a vicious Skull-Crushing Finale from his “partner” on Monday’s Raw SuperShow. (PHOTOS)

So, what exactly went wrong with The “Awesome Truth”?

embedcolon25046197It could simply be that the conspiratorial duo ran into a buzzsaw of two WWE icons with superior skills. Whether Rock and Cena were on good or bad terms, the pair would have been a tall order for “Awesome Truth.” The Great One and the Cenation leader are just better and their overmatched competition would have needed a miracle to pull out the victory.

The Miz and Truth relied on The Rock having substantial ring rust, being seven years removed from his last official match. But The People’s Champion showed up in incredible shape, as evidenced by his electrifying start to the contest, which incited a raucous Madison Square Garden crowd to chant: “You still got it!” Clearly, the crooked twosome wasn’t expecting The Brahma Bull’s horns to still be razor-sharp. (PHOTOS)

Perhaps the jeers and heckles of the WWE Universe were too much and “Awesome Truth” collapsed under the unyielding scrutiny. It’s not easy being the hated opponents of “the most charismatic tag team of all time.” Maybe tough-talking Miz and Truth’s relentless bravado was really cries for help from two lonely and unhappy Superstars.

embedcolon25046209More likely though, they are just jerks who can’t get along with anyone, including each other. They always seemed like an unusual pairing, but it was hard to argue with the success of the underhanded schemers. However, there appeared to be looming personality conflicts between the two intense and self-seeking Superstars.

That mistrust was there well before Cena played mind games with them on Monday’s Raw SuperShow. Both members of The “Awesome Truth” were primed to turn on the other at the first signs of trouble, and they did, as they came to blows almost immediately after Cena planted the seeds of conflict. The Awesome One even snarled after his attack on Truth, “You want to know why I did what I did? ‘Cause I’m sick of people slowing me down!”

Now, Miz won’t have a partner to “slow him down.” The “Awesome Truth” is no more and R-Truth and The Miz are again dangerous loners on the WWE landscape. Going solo, they each must find a way to right their career before they become yesterday’s news.

And that’s the truth.

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