WWE Raw SuperShow results: RAW GETS ROCKED

WWE Raw SuperShow results: RAW GETS ROCKED

BOSTON — Finally, The Rock has come back to Boston! In front of a raucous, capacity crowd in Boston’s TD Garden, The Great One made a thrilling return to the ring and laid the smackdown on The Miz, R-Truth and . . . Mick Foley?!

The Rock & John Cena faced off with The Miz & R-Truth (WATCH | PHOTOS)
There’s a reason he’s known as The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment. For the better part of 20 minutes, The Rock enthralled a sold-out crowd in Boston’s TD Garden with little more than a microphone. Calling out his Survivor Series opponents, The Miz & R-Truth, The Brahma Bull was soon joined in the ring by John Cena.

embedcolon25044425Although they stood together against The “Awesome Truth,” the WrestleMania opponents couldn’t help but take a few shots at each other. But when things got physical, the Cenation leader and The People’s Champion were on the same page as they put the boots to their arrogant opponents.

It was a definite sign that on Sunday, Cena and The Rock may be able to work together.

Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett by Disqualification (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Coming off a huge victory over Randy Orton on SmackDown, Wade Barrett locked up with The Viper again tonight, but a clear winner could not be decided. Six days before they captain opposing teams at Survivor Series, The Viper and the British competitor saw their bout turn into bedlam as the members of their teams stormed the ring and started an all-out brawl. The ring may not be able to contain these 10 competitors on Sunday.

Jonah Hill announced for next Monday’s Raw SuperShow (WATCH)
The star of the upcoming comedy "The Sitter" will be keeping an eye on all the madness of WWE when funnyman Jonah Hill guest stars on next Monday's Raw.

Kevin Nash attacked Santino Marella (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Proving he’s one of the most dangerous Superstars on the roster, Kevin Nash interrupted Santino Marella and powerbombed the Italian Superstar, nearly driving his body through the canvas. The big man then took a moment to gloat, saying that he's here tonight while Triple H is sitting at home.

embedcolon25044332WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio & World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry def. CM Punk & Big Show (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Before teaming with Big Show in an exciting preview of Sunday’s two World Title bouts, CM Punk was ambushed in the locker room by the vicious Alberto Del Rio and stomped into the ground. (WATCH) Bravely, The Straight Edge Superstar still made it out for his match, but he couldn’t stop The Mexican Aristocrat in his weakened state and was pinned by the WWE Champion. After the bell, Del Rio continued his assault, punishing Punk with the cross armbreaker.

Kelly Kelly def. Natalya (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Following the announcement that Eve will face Divas Champion Beth Phoenix for the title this Sunday at Survivor Series, the beautiful challenger’s best friend and current Maxim covergirl (WATCH) Kelly Kelly proved that she was more than just a pretty face by beating the smug Natalya.

Sheamus def. Jack Swagger (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Before they clash on opposing teams at Survivor Series, Sheamus and Jack Swagger battled one-on-one with the powerful Celtic Warrior claiming victory.

embedcolon25044266Mick Foley presented “John Cena, This is Your Life!” (WATCH: Part 1 | 2 | 3 | PHOTOS)
In an attempt to unite John Cena and The Rock before their big Survivor Series bout, Mick Foley presented a candid look at the Cenation’s leader’s extraordinary life. Hearkening back to a moment Foley shared with The Brahma Bull on Raw more than 12 years ago, the former WWE Champion introduced Cena’s little league coach, father and former tag partner, Bull Buchanan, to the ring.

Unfortunately, things did not go as The Hardcore Legend planned. First, the coach embarrassed Cena when he brought up a traumatizing childhood strikeout, then B-2 claimed that his former partner ruined his life and finally Cena’s dad chastised the WWE fans who boo his son.

Before things could get worse, The Rock hit the ring and delivered a devastating Rock Bottom to Mick Foley, saving his Survivor Series partner from any further embarassment.

Mason Ryan def. U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler by Disqualification (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After WWE.com announced that Christian pulled out of Team Barrett at Survivor Series due to an injury, Vickie Guerrero revealed that Dolph Ziggler will be taking the sketchy Superstar’s place on the squad. Apparently, the United States Champion was trying to stay in one piece for Sunday night as Vickie interfered early in the match by slapping Mason Ryan across the face. But before the cocky competitor could get out of the arena, he was tossed back in the ring by John Morrison and driven into the mat by the massive Welshman.

embedcolon25044216Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Hunico def. WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Beaten and unmasked by Randy Orton on SmackDown, Cody Rhodes showed the WWE Universe his face — and an even nastier attitude. Claiming that The Viper actually emancipated him by taking his mask, the twisted Superstar brutalized two of the competitors he will face at Survivor Series before pinning Kofi Kingston.

Mick Foley arrived at the arena (WATCH)
As Michael Cole writhed on a trainer’s table somewhere in the arena, WWE Raw SuperShow received an unexpected guest — Mick Foley. Arriving in a limousine, the former WWE Champion revealed that he spared no expense to show The Rock and John Cena a night they will never forget.

Jim Ross failed The Michael Cole Challenge (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Is anyone in the WWE Universe surprised that The Michael Cole Challenge was a sham? After weeks of threats, the sniveling announcer finally subjected J.R. to three tests for the opportunity to take over his announcing position. First, the Sooner beat Cole in an arm wrestling match. Then, J.R. schooled him in a dance competition. But the WWE Hall of Famer couldn’t pass the final challenge — a comparison to see who weighed less.

Cole may have been entertained by his swerve, but he was the only one. Outraged by what he described as a colossal waste of time, CM Punk stormed the ring and vowed to make Raw interesting again. Of course, he was quickly interrupted by Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis who announced a huge bout for tonight — CM Punk & Big Show vs. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio & World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry.

Unimpressed by the GM's declaration, The "Voice of the Voiceless" immediately went about making Monday night more entertaining by locking Cole in a brutal Anaconda Vise. (WATCH)


  • Jim Ross failed “The Michael Cole Challenge”
  • Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Hunico def. WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara
  • Mason Ryan def. U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler by Disqualification
  • Sheamus def. Jack Swagger
  • Kelly Kelly def. Natalya
  • WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio & World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry def. CM Punk & Big Show
  • Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett by Disqualification

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