What was CM Punk wearing?

What was CM Punk wearing?

What was CM Punk wearing?

The WWE Divas weren’t the only ones wearing Halloween costumes on Raw SuperShow. His guise consisting only of a shirt featuring an illustration of Dr. Fu Manchu, CM Punk walked down to the ring as his childhood hero, Jack Burton. Who? Exactly!

Like everything else about The Second City Savior, Punk’s hero isn’t a mainstream media darling like Superman or Spider-Man. Jack Burton, played by Kurt Russell, was the protagonist in the 1986 film, “Big Trouble in Little China”.

“I can quote the entire movie from start to finish,” Punk told WWE.com. “I wanted to be Jack Burton when I was a kid. He wasn’t a total hero. He seemed more real to me. He was charismatic as hell but a total goof. Sound familiar? [laughing] People have flaws. Nobody is perfect but you can still be awesome.”

For those not familiar, “Big Trouble in Little China” is a 1986 American martial arts comedy about a truck driver (Burton) who found himself as an unlikely hero on a rescue mission in the underworld beneath San Francisco’s Chinatown, where he faced many-eyed monsters, supernatural ninjas and an ancient sorcerer.

A commercial failure that cost $25 million to make but only earned $11 million, John Carpenter’s film has gone on to develop a cult following on home video with its fans feeling that it, and Carpenter, were ahead of their time because Burton was a flawed hero and an overall uncommon character in 1980s Hollywood.

Being WWE World Heavyweight Champion three times, WWE Champion once (perhaps twice after Survivor Series) and leading the crusade to bring back WWE ice cream bars is awesome, indeed. Jack Burton would be proud, Punk.

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