Is Raw descending into anarchy under John Laurinaitis?

Is Raw descending into anarchy under John Laurinaitis?

When many Superstars, Divas and officials walked out of Raw earlier this month because they thought working under WWE COO Triple H was unsafe, they rallied for change on Monday nights. John Laurinaitis became Interim Raw General Manager when Mr. McMahon relieved Triple H of the day-to-day duties of running the show. But has the volatile environment actually improved on Raw?

The EVP of Talent Relations’ actions have been erratic, prompting several wild situations:

  • In one of his first moves in power, Laurinaitis reinstated The Miz & R-Truth, who have viciously attacked CM Punk and John Cena on multiple occasions. On Raw, he led Mexican immigration officials to Triple H and had them escort him away due to mysterious visa issues, leaving Punk at the mercy of "Awesome Truth." (WATCH) They also attacked Cena at Vengeance, allowing WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio to capitalize and win the Last Man Standing Match. (PHOTOS) (Never mind that the match took place in a collapsed ring, which was dangerous for the competitors and officials.)

  • He’s fired and rehired Raw announcer Jim Ross. On Raw SuperShow, he did nothing when Michael Cole Tweeted embarrassing photos of the WWE Hall of Famer and displayed on them TitanTron for the WWE Universe to see. (WATCH)

  • Laurinaitis was present when Kevin Nash brutally attacked Triple H with a sledgehammer twice, sending the WWE COO to a medical facility with neck injuries. (PHOTOS) The Game’s wife, WWE executive Stephanie McMahon, called Laurinaitis to tell him the attack was his fault. Soon after, he admitted to David Otunga that “it looks like unsafe work conditions” on Raw SuperShow.

These disorderly occurrences are on par with (if not worse) than what occurred when WWE COO Triple H was running Raw. While Laurinaitis has intervened to stop Awesome Truth’s and Nash’s attacks, they happened while Raw was under his watch. And although he listened to the WWE Universe when they pleaded for J.R.’s return, Laurinaitis was absent when Cole leaked the humiliating photos. If these types of anarchic situations keep occurring, is Laurinaitis doomed to fail?embedcolon25040642

Laurinaitis seems to have lost control of Raw. If neither Triple H or Laurinaitis can handle such a wild working environment, who can? Is there anyone with the capability to restore the safe working conditions the Superstars, Divas and officials were once accustomed to on Monday nights?

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