The Day After Raw: What You Thought for Oct. 18, 2011

The Day After Raw: What You Thought for Oct. 18, 2011

For the first time in history, WWE’s premier Monday night program aired from Mexico City. In any language – even the Spanglish transmitted from the lips of The Miz – the action of Raw SuperShow amplified tensions heading into Vengeance.

It’s the day after Raw. Let’s see what you thought …

The Miz habla español
The “Awesome Truth” may have some serviceable talent in rap lyrics – as demonstrated by their rude, remixed entrance beats (FULL STORY) – but The Miz himself isn’t the leading linguist, especially in Spanish. Drolly taunting the Mexican members in attendance with his ill-accented version of the native language, Miz’s most successful moment came after John Laurinaitis and officials said “adios” to Triple H.

Despite a defeat at the hands of CM Punk, The Awesome One’s Skull-Crushing Finale on a soloed Straight Edge Superstar sent a stark message to Vengeance opponents Punk and The Game, who was ejected over a suspicious immigration paperwork mishap by “the office.” In an exclusive post-show interview (WATCH), Interim Raw GM Laurinaitis addressed the foreign visa fumble, but some WWE fans still believe that this is all part of a masterful plot to see Triple H fall as COO. ¡Dios mío!

@DeaconKirby: I didn't know the Miz knew spanish #Raw

@Noblex826: Hey @WWE universe I'm loving the Miz & R Truth. Miz's Spanish is impressive. #Raw

@b_anomalous: Oh Miz, you saying shut up to everyone in Spanish makes me laugh. It doesn't sound natural for you at all. #WWE #Raw

@shippwr3kk: THE MIZ TALKING SPANISH! <333 #WWE #RAW

@ohnoitsyasmin: Miz, your spanish be on point, boi. #RAW


@ComedianMarcus: Since the #WWE is in Mexico for #RAW tonight, do they have to spell Triple H as Triple J so that the people will pronounce it right?

@jknoxville: #RAW Triple H got deported out of Mexico!?

Day After Raw: ColeMichael Cole, married?
Just moments before his (failed) main event tussle against Jim Ross & John Cena, in an effort to curry favor with the Mexico City audience, Michael Cole revealed that his wife is Mexican. Expression of shock cluttered Twitter – not at Cole’s cultural versatility, but rather at the fact that the maddening commentator is actually married.

If he’s telling the truth, his fair lady must really, really like the color orange. Safety orange – which is exactly what the brightly adorned Syracuse University alum clung for while trapped in Jim Ross’ ankle lock.

Yes, there’s a soul mate out there for seemingly everyone. Though some folks might question whether Cole even bears a soul (not to mention the ring not previously noticed on his finger), trust that he does have one. After all, no soulless creature would own a skull-heavy Chihuahua and coo at it like Michael Cole does. (True story. Don’t ask.)

@nxn3: Michael Cole 's wife is Mexican . She must be deaf to be w/a guy as annoying as Cole . #WWE #RAW


@TattooedJuggalo: LOL at Michael Cole telling the fan's in Mexico City, Mexico that his wife is Mexican and they have to cheer for him. #WWE #RAW

@WWERockCena: who would marry someone like Michael Cole?! o.O #WWE #Raw #SuperShow "Mi Esposa (Wife) es Mexican"

@orange_josh: Michael Cole is an insult to the color orange #raw #wwe

@AKidNamedTeeTee: Wait a minute...Michael Cole has a wife????? @WWE #RAW

@IamMeiber: ''My Wife is Mexican so you have to cheer for me'' - Michael Cole , #RAW #Supershow

@SuperManChinz: Wait... Michael Cole has a Mexican wife? No Way! @WWE #raw

@KrystChaos:Someone needs to tell Cole that the bright orange singlet makes his butt look big lol #Raw #wwe

@Carlos_Pr7: Cole's wife is Mexican? lol. COLE IS AWESOME #Raw

@beck85ig: Cole is married??? Poor woman. What did she do to deserve that punishment??? #Raw

@randomredhead: JR making Cole tap, nice way to end #RAW #WWE

@melannielove: I think everyone in the arena is embarrased to be in the same room than orange jumpsuit clad Cole aka Orange Traffic Cone #RAW LAME.

Day After Raw: Last Man StandingWho will be the Last Man Standing?
John Cena might be sitting on an 11-time WWE Championship reign. The Cenation Commander-in-Chief & Jim Ross thrashed victory out of Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole in Mexico City, where even Del Rio’s countrymen could barely stand the snobby aristocrat.

The win was accentuated by Cole’s tapping to J.R.’s ankle lock submission hold – a fate he was bound to confront “Sooner” or later – but more so embellished by Cena’s emphatic Attitude Adjustment to the WWE Champion, all just moments before his masochistic revelation. (WATCH) At Vengeance, it will be Del Rio defending against Cena in a Last Man Standing Match, an encounter of Cena’s choosing. However, is the Cenation the minority in the WWE Universe in preliminary WWE Championship clash predictions for Vengeance this Sunday? Who do you think will be the Last Man Standing and WWE Champion? Will Cena revert to the dreaded duct tape wrapped ‘round the ringpost “FTW”?

@Awesome_Tom: Cena vs Del Rio last man standing. @RRWWE better hide the ducttape. #raw

@horrorshowfame: Last man standing match at #vengeance, this should Be good. #raw

@kaysi_m_byers: @WWE #Raw I'm so excited for #vengeance!! So glad @JohnCena and Jim Ross won!!! John Cena Gonna Win The Title!!!! Last Man Standing=Awesome!

@carmeldip03: Looking forward to this last man standing match at vengeance between john cena & alberto del rio #wwe #raw

@fly_boi13: @wwe nice cena decided 2 go with a last man standing..that be a good match..amazing #Raw

@ElTearDroplast man standing= @JohnCena new @WWE Champion #raw

@LaciKempfer: Whaaaa!? Last man standing! I can dig. Vengeance is Cenas. #Raw

Day After Raw: John LaurinaitisLaurinaitis jokes “suffering succotash”
Perhaps inspiring The Miz’s Spanish flavor later in the night, John Laurinaitis kicked off Raw with an insincere “¡que pasa!” to the Mexico City crowd on WWE Raw SuperShow. But the EVP quickly shifted his in-ring irreverence toward Jim Ross, erroneously citing the WWE Hall of Famer’s signature J.R.-isms. After rehiring Ross (to the delight of the WWE Universe), Laurinaitis mocked the Oklahoman with a line about “suffering succotash” … though those who actually suffered were WWE fans subject to the jibe about the veggie-laden side dish.

Somewhere in the shadow of a bird cage, Sylvester the cat snickers.


@RTVWOW: The Laurinaitis hug was a very nice touch of corporate cynicism #RAW #RAWIsMexico

@ThatGuyT1E: Glad to see J.R. back, though... That was just for John Laurinaitis to b able 2 say he did something for the WWE Universe. #RAW

@newstouse: even in Mexico.... people can realize that Jack Swagger has a LISP..... sufferin' succotash... #RAW #WWE

@IslandQueen24: Dear John Laurinaitis: You are NOT funny!! #Raw

@EMcG3624: Every time I see or hear John Laurinaitis, I want to punch a hole in my TV. Please @WWE for the love of God, #GetRidOfLaurinaitis! #Raw

Random Raw ramblings

@jam_bu88: #nw @WWE #RAW Is Mason Ryan trying his hardest to look like Hugh Jackman?

@MizIsMyWorld: Nice name Wrestlemania Rewind #RAW

@martini__89: #raw mason Ryan is a big monster he is so cool

@Abdul_Rahman1: @WWE #Raw Can't Wait For Vengeance !!! For The Match Triple H & CM Punk Vs. Awesome Truth !!!

@MattTaylor75: #Raw Vengeance will be a killer PPV!

@livelaughsmile9: Coles legs remind me of Sheamus 0__o #RAW

@danniebear87: Yes!! WrestleMania Rewind won. I voted for that #Raw

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