Does the WWE Universe have confidence in Triple H?

Does the WWE Universe have confidence in Triple H?

On the turbulent Oct. 3 edition of Raw, the Superstars and Divas of the Monday night SuperShow made it clear that they had no confidence in WWE COO Triple H as a leader before walking out of Lafayette, Louisiana’s Cajundome en masse. (WATCH) It was a shocking turn of events that led to pose a question to the WWE Universe:  “Do you have confidence in The Game as Chief Operating Officer?”

After tallying tens of thousands of votes from WWE fans, the answer we received was a resounding, “Yes!”

In a landslide show of support for the former WWE Champion, more than 85 percent of voters polled made it clear that they had faith in Triple H’s ability to lead. Giving credence to the COO's belief that he knows what WWE fans want, the WWE Universe was nearly unanimous in their backing of The Game's no-nonsense style of leadership.

On the contrary, less than 15 percent of voters sided with competitors like WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and Christian by declaring that they had zero confidence in The Cerebral Assassin’s capability to manage Monday night's most explosive show. This lack of negativity can only enforce the argument that Triple H is doing something right.

The COO now knows that the WWE Universe will be on his side during tonight's Raw SuperShow, but will anyone in the locker room have The Game's back? Either way, it's going to be a night to remember.

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