Remixing “Awesome Truth”

Remixing “Awesome Truth”

When The Miz & R-Truth returned to Raw SuperShow Monday night, they had a very important message for the WWE Universe: "You suck!" With their remixed entrance theme announcing their arrival, “Awesome Truth” came back with a vengeance, thanks to their reinstatement by the new Interim Raw General Manager, John Laurinaitis.

“Today is a great day. It’s a great day to be back. I love the new Raw GM,” R-Truth told after being named a surprise entrant in Monday’s main event.

“Let’s face it, we started this whole thing. We left. We got fired. Everybody left. That’s how much control we have over WWE, how much control we had over the COO,” The Miz said. “We are the dominant force in WWE. There is no one better than us. And John Laurinaitis, the astute new GM that he is, brought two of the biggest, brightest stars in WWE back.”

With the duo's return, the WWE Universe was quickly reminded that “Awesome Truth” has a raucous new theme which they debuted at Night of Champions: "U Suck." (GET IT ON ITUNES) While it sounds similar to R-Truth’s “What’s Up?” at first, the song turns into an insulting rap aimed at the WWE Universe. But don't try to sing along perfectly; they ad lib the lyrics during each entrance.

“R-Truth is the best rapper in the world. He’s right up there with Eminem and Lil’ Wayne. He came up with this rap. It’s kind of a spinoff of ‘What’s Up?’ But it tells exactly what R-Truth and I are feeling,” The Miz explained.

Now that they’re back on Raw SuperShow, the conspiracy theorists are finally able to tell the WWE Universe how they truly feel about them again.

“I would come out all happy-go-lucky for Little Jimmy and all the WWE Universe’s Little Jimmys, and I would go, ‘What’s Up?’ all the time. In the back of my head, I would hear them saying that I suck because I came out happy-go-lucky,” R-Truth explained. “So naturally, I just turned it around and said what I thought they were saying about me.”

The Miz is on backup in the revamped rap, and with this important job, he doesn’t want anyone in the WWE Universe to confuse “Awesome Truth” with other Superstars.

“Instead of being like popcorny, cheery, fun, ‘Hey, let’s be Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston and make everybody smile’ – no, we’re not going to be like that! We’re the type of people who tell you exactly what we think of you, which is, 'You suck!'” The Miz emphatically said.

R-Truth concurred: “See, they all think it’s me going crazy, but it’s them. So they suck, not me. You get it?”

We got it.

Want to sing along? Here's a sampling of this week's "U Suck" lyrics:

I’ve had enough, conspiracies made me change it up

U suck! U suck! U suck! U suck! U suck!

Now that’s what’s up! ...

I’ve had it up to here with you all

The happy-go-lucky, Little Jimmy and all

The Miz & R-Truth, Awesome Truth

This is how we feel about all of you

U suck! U suck! U suck! U suck! U suck! Most of Oklahoma sucks!

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