The Day After Raw: What You Thought for Oct. 11, 2011

The Day After Raw: What You Thought for Oct. 11, 2011

An evening that began with emptied arena halls ultimately ended up filled with clashes – verbal and ring-fought – and despite the rallying Superstars outside the building, WWE Raw SuperShow featured faces not seen in some time.

It’s the day after Raw. Let’s see what you thought …

Night of returns: McMahon, The Miz and R-Truth
The WWE Universe expected a fairly slim assortment of performers given the “Solidarity Rally” (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS) but instead, they witnessed the Raw SuperShow returns of The Miz and R-Truth, plus Mr. McMahon himself. Relieved of his duties himself months ago, McMahon arrived to do the same (but at a lesser degree) to WWE COO Triple H, who no longer has governance of Monday nights.

The WWE Universe was conflicted about The Chairman’s key revelations that no McMahon can run Raw and, thus, an Interim General Manager would fill the crucial role: John Laurinaitis. This chain reaction yielded the re-emergence of freshly rehired rogues Miz and Truth, accompanied by a well received remix of their insult-laden rap lyric.

@Rhysn_94: Last night on #raw was one of my favourites, Vince Returns and the Miz and Truth return.

@JeSuisMyka: Vince McMahon... You have been missed! Great to see him back! @WWE #RAW

@James_Varga: John Laurinaitis is a troublemaker. Truth and Miz back? This should get good. #RAW

@WrestlingTimesX: John reinstated The Miz and R-Truth... what's next? Kevin Nash? #Raw

@Hyperred: @WWE how does the superstars feel now that the miz and r truth are back I guess it's still unstable work place still #SuperShow #RAW


@DeaconKirby: Now is this an attack of the Mcmahon Family.... Someone doesn't want any Mcmahon in charge #raw

@_Apex_Predator_: Vincent Kennedy McMahon. 'nuff said. #RAW

@Antoinelucas: Vince McMahon oO #RAW

@thesteelcage: Vince! I mean.. Mr McMahon! @WWE #RAW

@CarmillaScarlet: No STEPHANIE MCMAHON on #Raw :( And Really Laurinaitis new Raw GM!?! Let's see what happens next week... BTW Hunter was so HOT! Hahaha

@Alexandra__Z: @WWEUniverse It was Awesome! Best part=Miz is back , Least favorite= John Laurinaitis is running #raw

@kwmalley317: Can't the #RawGM rehired Miz and R-Truth on #Raw

@Furious_Furry: Oh I am so happy #Miz and #RTruth are back on #RAW! The ONE thing Laurinaitis has done right. #AwesomeTruth

CM Punk on commentaryCM Punk, one-man announce team
The pipe bomb more closely resembled a headset on Raw SuperShow as CM Punk took to the abandoned commentary booth at ringside for The Game’s makeshift opening contest. Slipping on Triple H’s suit jacket (loosely fitting on Punk’s tattooed frame), The Voice of The Voiceless didn’t miss a colorful beat from his days beside Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler in late 2010.

On a night of noted returns, the Indian-styled seated Straight Edge Superstar’s reestablishment at the announce table was the most eagerly embraced. Especially with the termination of Jim Ross later in the evening, it may have even planted the seed of hope that perhaps one day the likes of Cole would be forever banished in lieu of The Second City Savior’s commentary salvation.

Speaking of J.R., the WWE Hall of Famer was none too pleased following his terse dismissal on Monday night, as seen in the exclusive video. Naturally, Cole’s rude, disrespectful “adios” to Ross made matters worse. Watch the footage you didn’t see on Raw.

 @AriesFiyah: I think the best part of my night was seeing CM Punk doing commentary in HHH's blazer. Best. Show. Everrrr. #WWE #Raw

 @Staplesgirl25: @WWEUniverse Best part:CM Punk on commentary Least favorite part: The return of R - Truth and The Miz and the new GM #Raw #TeamPunk

 @Momfatou: best part last night #RAW was cm punk at commentary table

@MrsHeathSlater: Bleh. Laurinaitisblahblah. >.< Meh, I would've been ok just having Punk on commentary all night. #Raw

@yasminewaleed: RT if you want Cm Punk On Commentary instead of Michael Cole !! #Raw

@straight_edge76: Not sure what's going on, but Punk on commentary is always good. #RAW

@_firestarter: CM Punk OWNS Michael Cole on commentary. #wwe #raw

@Purple_Raw94: The Pipebomb is back! Punk on Commentary  #Raw

Air Boom's entranceAir Boom’s solidarity outside the rally
The WWE Tag Team Champions continue to provide a brilliant spectacle for the WWE Universe in their dynamic high-soaring tag tactics. This week, Air Boom seemed more cohesive than ever before in their color coordination and modified entrance music. In a throwback to past ring tandems, Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne’s bright green and orange accented gear (Miami Hurricanes? Tropicana orange juice? Nickelodeon Gak?) caught eyes while their uptempo theme song caught ears of WWE fans – but also maybe rival teams targeting the champions.

But is it all for the better? Or is Air Boom’s focus straying too far from competition for the WWE fans’ tastes?

@BryanIsWWE: #RAW #RAWSuperShow YAY!! Air BOOM has their own theme now & it's not just the beginning of Evan's theme and the rest of it being Kofi's

@dsan96: Okayyy! Air Boom get their own music, titantron and side screen thing! They seen like a real tag team! #RAW @WWE

@BenJMorse: I like Air Boom's ridiculous new entrance music. I'm not sold on Evan Bourne's Ecto Cooler green tights. #Raw

@melissaangel13: @wwe air boom has new ring entrance music #win #raw

@TheGreatGouki: Good to see ol' Air Boom with a tag theme. #WWE #Raw

@Fightsandphilip: New song for Air Boom hoping this means the team is in it for the long run! #raw

@Nixnero: Ugh not the green tights again.... :/ #RAW

Random Raw ramblings

@cultofpedoness: lol orton with a paper bag on his head. #raw

@ImAMelFo: Orton looks better with a paper bag over his head. He should think about keeping that look. #raw

@LITE_SKIN_SWAG: Randy orton + bag = thumbs up #raw

@The_Dalyxman: John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio BETTER become a fatal four way very soon. Once again, John Cena is hand fed a title match. @WWE #RAW

@MochacianaMarch: @WWEUniverse I don't know if anyone's ever asked this but...Was the Anonymous GM AND his laptop part of the walk-out too?! O.o #WWE #RAW

@prettybaby69: No extreme close ups when Vickie is screaming! #RAW

@FunkMonkv1: Christian,Cody,Swagger & Dolph new faction? #WWE #Raw

@RealAlexxAlexx: This faction is so beautiful I wanna cry. #Beautiful. #Raw #Cody #Christian #Dolph #Swagger

@CenaxFan4Life: Alberto enjoy ur 2 weeks with www title Coz cena is about to take that @wwe #Raw @wwegames

@flashleeb: Actually quite like Sheamus these days. Human jar of mayonaise puts on a decent show. #RAW

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