Mason Ryan storms WWE Raw SuperShow

Mason Ryan storms WWE Raw SuperShow

“I’m ready to take on the world.”

When Mason Ryan uttered those words to just moments after his shocking Monday night return on this week’s WWE Raw SuperShow, we couldn’t help but believe him. Enlisted by Vickie Guerrero to team up with Jack Swagger & United States Champion Dolph Ziggler against WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom & Zack Ryder, Ryan sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe – but not in the way The Queen of Cougardom had anticipated.

embedcolon25036133Not seeing eye to eye with Ziggler or The All-American American, Ryan laid out both of his teammates, allowing Ryder to score a pivotal pinfall victory over the U.S. Champion. He might have cost his team the match, but the WWE Universe roared in appreciation regardless.

“I had a plan, and it was obviously different than what Vickie, Jack and Dolph thought it was, but I knew what I was doing,” the powerhouse revealed. “That’s all I’ll say about that for now.”

Ryan was brought into WWE by CM Punk back in January, and put the entire WWE locker room on notice by brutally assaulting John Cena. However, his destructive journey was halted by an injury in June that kept him sidelined for months.

“I’ve been training very hard, but being out through injuries is a tough thing for anyone because you obviously want to be in the ring competing,” Ryan said. “Being out of action made me even more focused than I was before to come back and be a bigger, better, stronger, faster and all around better Mason Ryan.”

Reunited with the WWE Universe, the Welsh-born juggernaut looks forward to dominating his opponents once again, and will be intently watching the first-ever Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship this Sunday, and not merely because The Voice of the Voiceless is among its competitors. (MATCH PREVIEW)

“CM Punk is obviously a great competitor,” Ryan said of his former cohort, who will battle Alberto Del Rio and WWE Champion John Cena inside Satan’s Structure. “He taught me a lot during the time that we were together and I’m a big admirer of his. It’ll be interesting on Sunday.” He paused, then continued. “I’ll just sit back and let the best man win. “

What’s next for Mason Ryan? Will U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger retaliate? Share your thoughts with the rest of the WWE Universe on Facebook and Twitter.

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