The Miz's parents respond to son's firing

The Miz's parents respond to son's firing

CLEVELAND — When WWE COO Triple H fired The Miz and his associate, R-Truth, the entire Quicken Loans Arena crowd was stunned. While many cheered, two native Ohioans were particularly aghast: Mr. and Mrs. Mizanin – The Miz’s parents, who were in attendance Monday night and witnessed their son’s shocking live termination.

“I didn’t expect this at all tonight,” Miz’s distraught father told “I really don’t understand why he got fired and for this to happen here in Cleveland, it’s unbelievable.”

Holding a wilted poster made for the “awesome” former WWE Champion, Mrs. Mizanin echoed her husband’s sentiments in the middle of an emptied arena.

“I think it’s horrible. In front of his hometown, he got fired,” Miz’s mother said. “I was very shocked. My mouth was like ‘wow.’ It’s a horrible, horrible day.”

The Ohio couple argued that the self-proclaimed “most must-see” champion in history must be seen again WWE.

“[WWE COO] Triple H should let bygones be bygones. WWE absolutely needs to reconsider and rehire my son,” Mr. Mizanin explained. “Mike [Miz] draws the people – especially the WWE fans here tonight. I just hope it will be straightened out.”

embedcolon25035162The Miz’s parents aren’t the only ones speaking out about the dismissal of The Awesome One and Truth. In an exclusive video, WWE Tag Team Champion Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase, Alex Riley, The Bella Twins and others spoke out – very frankly – about the firing of their former fellow Superstars. Watch their comments and Triple H’s Monday night announcement, then discuss your opinion with the WWE Universe on Twitter and Facebook.

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