"Eck’s Factor": Raw SuperShow 9/19 analysis

"Eck’s Factor": Raw SuperShow 9/19 analysis

CLEVELAND – Here are my takes on the big stories from Monday night’s Raw Supershow that the WWE Universe is talking about on Facebook, Twitter and WWE.com.

Talking point: WWE COO Triple H fires The Miz and R-Truth

Eck’s Factor: The WWE Universe is very skeptical of this firing. It’s only a matter of time, they say, before The Miz and R-Truth are back on the scene. I don’t disagree, but from a logic standpoint, the firing was completely justified. After all, The Miz and R-Truth not only assaulted referees Sunday night at Night of Champions, but they also attacked Triple H during his match against CM Punk. If I was the WWE COO, I would have fired them, too.

embedcolon25034987Talking point: Hugh Jackman helps Zack Ryder upset U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match

Eck’s Factor: Celebrity appearances on WWE television are hit and miss, but I thought Jackman was a definite hit. First and foremost, the A-list actor didn’t just show up to plug his new movie (“Real Steel”) and go through the motions; he truly seemed to be enjoying himself, and word has it that he was a great guy backstage. Moreover, his interaction with Ryder and Ziggler gave both guys a nice rub. I’m admittedly not thrilled about Ziggler – who is a main-eventer waiting to happen – losing the match, but he has an out, as it was Jackman’s interference (that punch to the jaw was right on the button) that led to Ryder taking the fall on him.

Talking point: World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry slams Jerry Lawler through the announce table

Eck’s Factor: The King took a bullet for his longtime friend and broadcast partner Jim Ross, who was being bullied by The World’s Strongest Man before Lawler intervened. Henry’s assault on Lawler made it clear that finally winning his first world title hasn’t mellowed him one bit. It would be easy for the WWE Universe to start getting behind a no-nonsense guy like Henry, but unprovoked attacks on beloved figures such as Ross and Lawler will most likely prevent that from happening, as evidenced by the chorus of boos Henry received Monday night for his actions.

embedcolon25035019Talking point: Rivals John Cena and CM Punk become unlikely tag team partners and defeat The Miz and R-Truth

Eck’s Factor: As the WWE’s resident anti-establishment Superstar, Punk has to walk a fine line between being a fan favorite and being viewed as a sell-out. To that point, it seems unnatural to see Punk and Cena – the hero to women and children everywhere – fighting on the same side, but I don’t think the two of them are going to be hanging out together on the road anytime soon. And when they meet in a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match (along with Alberto Del Rio) on pay-per-view on Oct. 2 for Cena’s WWE Title, it’s a safe bet that Punk and Cena won’t be exchanging pleasantries in there.

Talking point: Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis continues to be an on-air presence

Eck’s Factor: After working behind the scenes for years in the WWE, Laurinaitis – who, believe it or not, was trending on Twitter Monday night – appears to be relishing having a higher profile. I have to admit that I am enjoying his presence on WWE programming as well. He’s a fresh face as far as authority figures go, and I find the power struggle that is developing between him and WWE COO Triple H to be intriguing.

embedcolon25034845Talking point: Alberto Del Rio makes quick work of John Morrison

Eck’s Factor: I saw a look in Del Rio’s eyes Monday night that I haven’t seen before. Losing the WWE Title to John Cena at Night of Champions clearly has lit a fire under him. It was good to see. Unfortunately for Morrison, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Talking point: Vickie Guerrero officially becomes Jack Swagger’s manager

Eck’s Factor: This figures to be mutually beneficial arrangement. Swagger is a former World Heavyweight Champion who still has plenty of upside, and Guerrero has helped guide Edge and Dolph Ziggler to championship gold. It will be very interesting to see if Swaggler and Ziggler can co-exist.


For those who are unfamiliar with me, I come to WWE from The Baltimore Sun, where I was an assistant sports editor and the author of a pro wrestling blog titled Ring Posts. In between two stints with The Sun, I worked as the editor of WCW Magazine from 2000 to 2001. Follow me on Twitter and send your questions to @KevinEck_WWE.


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