What’s Cody Rhodes hiding?

What’s Cody Rhodes hiding?

For most Superstars, scoring a pinfall is cause for celebration – but then again, most Superstars aren’t Cody Rhodes. As observed by keen-eyed WWE.com staffers during the Intercontinental Champion’s successful clash with World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton this past Monday night on WWE Raw SuperShow, Rhodes’ face obsession transcends the mask to his match mannerisms.

Even with the protective hard plastic, Rhodes further covers his already-masked face with his hand or his opponent’s leg when he goes for the pin. Since this behavior’s pretty bizarre (even for Rhodes), WWE.com caught up with the bitter and deranged Superstar to get some clarity on this pinning peculiarity from the man behind the mask himself.

“Unfortunately, when I’m about to pin somebody’s shoulders to the mat, all eyes and all flashbulbs are on me,” Rhodes snarled. “I’d rather that not be the case and I do the best I can to protect my face.”

Check out the video above to observe Cody Rhodes’ odd behavior for yourself. What other unnerving mannerisms have you noticed from the Intercontinental Champion? Share your observations with the rest of the WWE Universe on Facebook and Twitter.

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