Del Rio is the Real Deal

Del Rio is the Real Deal

You can question his tactics, his sincerity, even his taste in scarves. But when it comes to Alberto Del Rio, there’s no questioning his legitimacy as WWE Champion.

The Mexican Aristocrat is undeniably the real deal. Amid managerial chaos and conspiracy theories in WWE, Del Rio has steadily climbed to the top. One need only peruse the list of preeminent Superstars who’ve fallen in Del Rio’s wake to realize the seriousness of his path: Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and fellow Money in the Bank winner Daniel Bryan among others. And although the cashing in of his Money in the Bank contract may not have been as sporting as critics would have liked, in the eyes of many, it proved a shrewd maneuver and followed in the footsteps of other WWE Champions such as Edge and the very man he defeated for the title, CM Punk.

embedcolon25031322And if one measure of a champion is the viciousness with which he attacks, Del Rio has proven himself a paramount pain. Rewind to Raw two weeks ago and take the ambush of his Night of Champions opponent John Cena. After Cena had finally claimed victory over CM Punk in their grueling match to determine a No. 1 contender for the WWE Title, the malicious Mexican darted into the ring and snapped on a cross armbreaker.

The following week, when Del Rio pulled a no-show, Cena told that he was unfazed by what he called Del Rio's "mind games." Perhaps that's why the moneyed Mexican decided on a much more direct approach the following week. On Monday’s WWE Raw SuperShow, Del Rio showcased his cunning once again by convincing four Superstars, who’d harbored resentment toward Cena, to attack the seemingly invincible Superstar less than two weeks before Night of Champions. These are only the latest incidents of Del Rio punishing those who have every intention of punishing him. By any means necessary.

There are those in the WWE Universe who would deny Del Rio regardless of his legitimacy for myriad reasons: class envy, xenophobia, his taste in automobiles. Cast those feelings aside, though, and it’s clear Del Rio has earned the right to call himself WWE Champion as much as any of his predecessors. It is impossible, after all, to deny a man his destiny.


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