Do Evan & Kofi regret the name "Air Boom"?

Do Evan & Kofi regret the name "Air Boom"?

One gets the feeling that no matter what name the WWE Universe had chosen for Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston’s tag team, The Miz & R-Truth would have found a reason – any reason – to ridicule it. And after challenging the current WWE Tag Team Titleholders to a match at Night of Champions, that’s precisely what they did.

“Air Boom is the stupidest name I've ever heard,” Miz told the crowd during Monday’s WWE Raw Supershow.   

R-Truth derided the name as well – in his own unique way – equating it to a “sneaky fart”: “It’s a little bit of air and then … kaboom!” Truth said.

embedcolon25032684As one might expect, Evan & Kofi didn’t take too kindly to the assessments, as they made clear in an interview with

“It’s lowbrow material from two lowbrow guys,” said Evan. “Ironically, Miz and Truth have been stinking up this entire company for quite some time.”

While not pleased with either Superstar, Kofi trained his fire on The Cleveland Screamer. “They said an ‘Air Boom’ started off with a little bit of air then a ‘boom,’” said Kofi. “That sounds more like Miz’s title reign, if you ask me. It kind of snuck up, then, one week later, it was gone.”

Although Evan & Kofi kicked around a couple of names on their own, including Zero Gravity and The Elevation Express, both Superstars appear more than happy with Air Boom. “It was cool to have the WWE Universe interact and be involved,” said Kofi. “We didn’t know they cared about us so much.”

 “Air Boom isn’t just Kofi and me – it’s Kofi, me and the entire WWE Universe,” Evan explained. “We don’t place ourselves above the fans like Miz. We value their opinions, and we showed it by signing on for ‘Air Boom.’”

Although Air Boom has fully embraced their new moniker, they still have a few bones to pick with their rivals. “Miz and Truth are more concerned about themselves than their team as a whole,” said Evan, as Kofi nodded in agreement. “No matter what Miz and Truth might call a team of theirs, Miz is still thinking about Miz and Truth is still thinking about Truth, but Kofi and I think about Air Boom together, so we’ve got the advantage.”

Do you think Evan & Kofi made the right choice with the name Air Boom? What name would you give to the tag team of The Miz & R-Truth? Share your opinion with the WWE Universe on Facebook and Twitter.

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