"Air Boom" Thanks You

"Air Boom" Thanks You

The new WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston are two of WWE’s most prolific posters on Twitter. So where else would they go for ideas for the name of their championship team than to their legions of Twitter followers?

Out of more than 1,000 submitted names, the high-flying duo picked the name that combined parts of two of their favorite monikers: “Air Bourne” and “Boom Squad.”

WWE Universe, meet your WWE Tag Team Champions, “Air Boom!”

Here are more of the other top finalists considered by Kingston and Bourne. (To see all of the submitted names, search #EvanAndKofi on Twitter.)

  •     Sonic Boom
  •     Flight Club
  •     The Wing Men
  •     Fly Guys
  •     Legion of Boom
  •     Altitude Era
  •     Air-Squared
  •     Air Kingston
  •     The High Flyers
  •     Turbulence


Thank you to all of the WWE Universe that submitted names.

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