Did Dolph Ziggler cross the line?

Did Dolph Ziggler cross the line?

It’s a classic – and disturbing – case of he said/she said.

During the Alex Riley versus Jack Swagger match on Monday night, Vickie Guerrero stood at ringside scouting The All-American American – her potential new client. With the match in full froth, however, Dolph Ziggler confronted Vickie, then, during a heated argument, Vickie fell to the floor. This scene begs the question: Did Dolph push her, or did she simply slip? The answer all depends on who you ask.

“I was pushed by Dolph Ziggler,” said Vickie, emphatically. “Everyone knows that Dolph is jealous because I introduced Jack Swagger as my potential new client. I have to explore my options.”

embedcolon25031437For his part, Dolph dismissed the claim and blamed the mishap on Vickie’s enthusiastic nature.

“Apparently, Vickie got a little overzealous, forgetting where the golden egg was,” said Ziggler, referring to himself. “She bumped into me and fell down on her own, of course. She took a little spill. Everything should be fine.”

Perhaps, but clearly their relationship has been strained by the potential of Swagger as a client. And now, with this latest mishap and the ugly allegations it’s raised, Dolph and Vickie will have more baggage to carry around. After all, the question of who’s responsible remains to be answered.

Did Dolph, in a fit of jealousy, actually push Vickie to the ground? Was the entire incident an innocent mishap? Or, did she fall on purpose to see how Swagger would react? And exactly whose side of the story is the WWE Universe to believe? Watch the footage and alternate angles, then weigh in with your thoughts on WWE’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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