World's Greatest Preparation

World's Greatest Preparation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Tonight, The World's Greatest Tag Team will attempt to wrest the World Tag Team Championship away from The Hardys in Matt & Jeff's specialty: the Ladder Match.

Individually and together, The Hardys have competed in dozens of Ladder Matches, most recently the awesome Money in the Bank Spectacular at WrestleMania 23. However, in an earlier interview with, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas posited that their experience could be their ultimate downfall.

"It figures that The Hardys would pick that type of match, to hope that they could find a weakness in The World's Greatest Tag Team," Haas said.

"There is no match, no style, no opponent that The World's Greatest Tag Team cannot adapt to," Benjamin added. "We want to face The Hardys and beat them at their own game."

Since challenging The Hardys on Raw this past Monday, The World's Greatest Tag Team have spent six days preparing for what will only be their second Ladder Match as a team (they lost the WWE Tag Team Championship to Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri at Judgment Day 2003). But just how do you prepare for a match you've only been in once?

"The same way we prepare for any match; we've studied their weaknesses and formulated our game plan," said Haas.

Benjamin has a bit more Ladder Match experience than Haas, having competed in the first two Money in the Bank Ladder Matches at WrestleManias 21 and 22. But piggybacking on the thought that The Hardys' experience is a disadvantage, Haas thinks the unknown could actually be the biggest positive in the corner of himself and Benjamin.

"They've never seen the kind of offense we can unleash together in a Ladder Match," Haas said, "so they won't know what hit them."

Benjamin added, "The Hardys have never faced an opponent more athletic than me in any of their Ladder Matches. Money in the Bank was just a taste of what I can do, but they'll get a full helping tonight."

Will that strategy be enough to carry The World's Greatest Tag Team to their first World Tag Team Championship tonight?

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