There's always room for Candice

There's always room for Candice

Candice Michelle has been on a hot streak lately, but this Sunday, she might find herself cooled down just a bit…and not even necessarily by her opponent.

See, at One Night Stand, our fans will witness the first-ever Pudding Match when Candice takes on Melina. Yes, you read that right; the Women's Champion and the former Playboy cover girl will take part in a non-title tussle in a setting that would make Barry & Levon from MTV's The State look like small-time pudding connoisseurs. (If you've never experienced The Barry Lutz Show sketch from The State, do an Internet search. You'll be glad you did.)

If you watch Raw closely, chances are you've noticed the vast improvement Candice has made in the ring lately. She's been on a hot streak, even pinning the Women's Champion in a non-title bout, and attributes some of her recent success to training at a facility that may be as sloppy as the dessert dish she'll do battle in this weekend.

"Back home, I train at a place where there's chicken coops on the side and a broken down ice cream truck in the driveway; it's not glitz and glamour, but it gets me pumped up and ready," Candice revealed to

The Candy-licious Diva has stepped-up her training regimen as of late, all in the name of acquiring the gold that currently sits around Melina's waist.

"I've been training for two years. I learned all the rules of the game, learned how to hustle. I've also been doing Muay Thai kickboxing for two years, so when I combine everything, it gives me the confidence to say I can do this," she said.

While her training and vast improvement is impressive, is there really a way to train for a Pudding Match? It seems like all the wrestling skill in the world might be neutralized by the fact that these ladies will be wading around in a giant vat of gooey goodness. Candice, however, is focused, as evidenced by her latest Candy-Coated blog on, where the girl who's normally as sweet as, well, pudding, had some sour words for the Women's Champion.

"My training helps me no matter what. If Melina doesn't eat all the pudding first, it will be a good match. I'm ready to get down and dirty," she laughed. "Everyone said you're the pretty face and you're not here for the right reasons. Well, I'm going to show you, because now I have an opportunity to prove myself."

The Pudding Match will certainly be One Night Stand's most interesting interpretation of the Extreme Rules theme. It won't be pretty, but it will be pretty hot. So will Candice stick the fork (or maybe spoon, in this case) in Melina and score another victory over the Women's Champion at One Night Stand? The proof will certainly lie in the pudding.

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