The master of mental chess

The master of mental chess

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hours before he'll step into a Steel Cage with Batista, World Heavyweight Champion Edge arrived at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena with a demeanor that was much more arrogant than one would expect -- even for the pompous Rated-R Superstar.

"I feel confident," said the grinning champion. "It's not like I don't know that I'm going to be locked inside of a cage with quite possibly the biggest, angriest man on the roster. But, I've been in wars in steel cages over the years, and have more experience than Batista."

Knowing exactly what the Rated-R Superstar is thinking is utterly impossible. Deciphering whether Edge has convinced himself into believing that experience will be enough to carry him to victory is up for debate. It could be another one of the psychological games that he uses to throw his opponents off their game.

When it comes to Edge, no scenario can be excluded. Stemming from his heinous actions over the past few months, the Rated-R Superstar has become WWE's resident chameleon of emotions and attitudes. He possesses the ability to foresee events he'd like to see unfold, and then manipulate situations precisely the right way to make those visions become realities.

Take the opportunistic way he won the World Heavyweight Championship as a prime example. After Batista and Undertaker battled to a draw in a Steel Cage Match and Mark Henry appeared to decimate The Deadman after the match, Edge capitalized by cashing in Money in the Bank and covering Undertaker to unseat him as the champion.

Yet, being this laid back before One Night Stand can't be believable, can it?  He knows Batista is out not only for the title that he considers his, but he's also out for blood as well.

"Of course it's believable," Edge said, rolling his eyes. "The fact is, like always, I plan on being five or six moves ahead of Batista; that's why I'm the Master of Mental Chess. Last time I checked, animals weren't too good at chess and that's what this is -- a game of mental chess and it's a game I never lose. The Rated-R era has begun and trust me, it's not going to end tonight."

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