Can Cena pin Khali?

Can Cena pin Khali?

The last thing John Cena expected when he challenged The Great Khali to another match for the WWE Championship was for that contest to be a Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match. Though Khali tapped in the clutches of the WWE Champion's STFU, such a hold (along with any other submission move) will be null at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, One Night Stand. This Sunday, Cena will need to find some way to pin Khali and keep the towering threat from India on his large back for a referee's three-count — something no man has ever been able to do.

Myriad matches of this type have taken place in WWE history, but perhaps never has the champion's reign -- not to mention physical wellness -- been jeopardized to such an extent. Whenever they have crossed paths, Cena has barely been able to immobilize the 420-pound leviathan, let alone take him off his feet. If it is questionable as to whether The Champ can even bring Khali to the mat, it's near impossible to conceive of him winning a battle where anything that's not a pinfall doesn't count.

A handful of days until One Night Stand, there are many who believe Cena cannot do it and that he is at an extreme disadvantage, except of course, for the WWE Champion himself.

"I don't look at anything as a disadvantage," Cena protested. "I don't feel this Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match favors either competitor. In the past, I've thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Khali and he didn't budge. On Sunday, I can actually pick up the kitchen sink and lay it across his big skull."

With weapons legal and essentially any tactic as fair game, the resilient WWE Champion may need to rely on whatever he can gets his hands on to slay the towering monster at One Night Stand.

"The Great Khali is damn near unstoppable," he continued. "I don't know how I'm going to keep him down for three seconds, but I'll have a lot of ammo out there. If I end up getting hit with anything that he brings, it will be that much worse, but if I can bob and weave enough to catch him with something, it might be all I need to take him down."

Admitting the dire jeopardy he faces in mere days, Cena remained insistent that One Night Stand would not be his last as WWE Champion. Though Cena has declared that he is no longer afraid of the "Punjabi Frankenstein," the giant has dropped The Champ at every turn — and the next turn could very well come this Sunday at One Night Stand. On that night, The Great Khali could swat Cena with his dreaded chop or drop his gargantuan ring boot onto the cranium of the WWE Champion at absolutely any location within the arena. If the monstrous Superstar does that in the Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match, he could claim the victory and the gold in the aisle, in the parking garage across from the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, down at the Taco Bell — virtually anywhere, with anything.

The Champ escaped the python-like grip of the 7-foot-3 monster and even managed to neutralize Khali with an STFU at Judgment Day. But in a situation where there are very few rules other than to keep your opponent on his back for a three-count by the official, three seconds may as well as be an eternity for John Cena.

Will the WWE Champion persevere and keep his word to slay the beast from the most treacherous reaches of India? Can his body survive? Can he manage to somehow emerge from Jacksonville with the title like he did on May 20? Or will WWE officials need to add a few inches to the championship's leather waistband for its new oversized gold bearer?

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