NXT UK to feature Jordan vs. Williams, the return of Gallus


After nearly three years of scratching, clawing and grinding their way up the NXT UK tag team mountain, Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams essentially plummeted just before they could reach the summit (a.k.a. in the middle of an NXT UK Tag Team Title Match against Pretty Deadly).

During that fateful encounter two weeks ago, Williams wanted to use one of the titles as a weapon when the referee was down, but Jordan insisted that they win the gold fair and square.

It wasn’t the first time the two competitors have clashed over match tactics, but this standoff caused Williams to snap and strike his own partner in the back with the championship, leaving Jordan as easy pickings for Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley.

Now, Jordan finally gets a piece of his former friend when they meet one-on-one in a slugfest that won’t be for the faint of heart.


For Gallus, the time was right to get back to basics.

Over the past several weeks, Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang have returned to their roots, engaging in some savage street fights in Scotland. Now, they’re set to make their highly anticipated return to NXT UK as guests on Noam Dar’s “Supernova Sessions.”

What will Joe Coffey have to say after recently coming up short in a slugfest against Rampage Brown? And will Mark Coffey and Wolfgang address their loss to Pretty Deadly, which ended their NXT UK Tag Team Championship reign at 497 days?

Plus, after Emilia McKenzie pinned Isla Dawn in tag team action last week, the two Superstars will throw down in what seems certain to be a heated singles clash. Also, Jack Starz takes on Ashton Smith, while Nathan Frazer collides with Saxon Huxley.

Don’t miss a must-see edition of NXT UK, streaming at 3 ET/8 GMT on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network elsewhere!

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