WWE NXT UK results: Sept. 9, 2021


Wolfgang def. Sam Gradwell in an NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender’s Quarterfinal Match, 2-1

To the surprise of no one, Wolfgang and Sam Gradwell were right at home in the barbaric confines of a Heritage Cup Rules Match.

Following a stalemate and plenty of fierce strikes in Rounds 1 and 2, The Thunderstorm exploded out of the starting blocks in Round 3, drilling The Last King of Scotland with a knee strike to the head and following up with a vicious clothesline to earn a pinfall less than 30 seconds into the action.

Gradwell quickly got the upper hand in Round 4 as well, mercilessly targeting Wolfgang’s shoulder by twisting and stomping on it. Wolfgang fought through the pain, however, blocking a clothesline attempt and slamming his opponent into the canvas with an innovative twisting suplex to tie the bout at one fall apiece.

With each competitor on wobbly legs in Round 5, Gradwell dodged a pair of Spear attempts in rapid succession, but the third time was the charm for Wolfgang, who nearly Speared his foe out of his boots to earn the decisive 1-2-3.

With the win, Wolfgang is primed for a must-see semifinal clash against the sadistic Teoman.

Ashton Smith, Oliver Carter, & Saxon Huxley def. Symbiosis

Though the tandem of Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter seemingly have very little in common with Saxon Huxley, all three competitors were clearly relishing the opportunity of finally being in a fair fight against the dangerous Symbiosis.

Huxley did some of the heavy lifting and gave his team the edge in the early goings, remaining in the ring for a long time and going toe-to-toe with Primate and then T-Bone.

Symbiosis withstood the early barrage, however, and soon isolated Carter from his corner, using timely tags to take turns spiking their foe into the mat.

T-Bone and Primate came within an eyelash of victory when the former planted Carter with a running powerslam and the latter landed a diving headbutt from the top rope, but Smith broke up the pinfall in the nick of time.

As the match devolved into a six-man brawl, Smith made a crucial tag to Carter, and as Smith held Primate in place, Carter went airborne to land a doomsday cutter for the hard-earned victory.

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