WWE NXT UK results: Sept. 23, 2021


Wolfgang def. Teoman in an NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender’s Tournament Semifinal Match, 2-1

To the surprise of virtually no one, Wolfgang has thrived in the often barbaric nature of NXT UK Heritage Cup Rules Matches, posting a pair of decisive victories to earn his way to the finals of the eight-Superstar tournament.

That’s not to say he wasn’t pushed, as the sadistic Teoman absorbed several vicious strikes in Round 1 but returned the favor in equal measure. That was all for naught, however, when The Last King of Scotland nearly drove his opponent through the canvas with a unique suplex that gave him a 1-0 lead.

Wolfgang continued to largely dictate the pace in a scoreless Round 2, but Teoman received an assist in Round 3 from Rohan Raja, who hopped onto the apron to distract the referee, giving Teoman an opening to ruthlessly dropkick his opponent in the knee. Moments later, Teoman blasted Wolfgang with a sliding forearm across the side of the face for the pinfall.

Battling through the pain of an ailing shoulder, Wolfgang dug deep in Round 4, nearly spearing Teoman out of his boots for the decisive 1-2-3.

With the victory, The Last King of Scotland is primed to face Noam Dar in the tournament finale, and the winner will receive the opportunity to challenge NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Tyler Bate.

Jinny def. Isla Dawn

The mysterious Isla Dawn has recently made a habit of collecting “trophies” from her enemies, and when Jinny discovered The White Witch going through her locker, the stage was set for a heated collision.

The two competitors forewent the feeling-out process, instead choosing to exchange blistering strikes at the toll of the opening bell.

Dawn had Jinny in dire straits and was preparing to soar from the top rope, but a distraction from Joseph Conners allowed The Fashionista to recover and plant her foe face-first with the Makeover.

A-Kid def. Nathan Frazer and Rampage Brown in a Triple Threat NXT UK Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match

After initiating a three-man brawl last week, Rampage Brown found himself the victim of an early two-on-one ambush at the sound of the bell, though the hulking brawler fought off A-Kid and Nathan Frazer and deposited them both to the ringside floor.

The alliance proved to be short-lived, and Brown took advantage by slowing the pace and mercilessly chucking his opponents around the ring and even powerbombing A-Kid on top of Frazer.

Frazer got the upper hand by throwing caution to the wind and repeatedly throwing himself up and over the ropes on both sides of the squared circle and repeatedly clobbering Brown and A-Kid with high-risk moves.

A-Kid caught fire next, flinging Brown and Frazer to the mat while executing a top-rope arm drag and headscissors at the same time.

With all three Superstars running on fumes, Brown shook the ring when he caught an airborne Frazer, powerslammed him into the canvas and followed up with the Doctor Bomb. Just as the official was about to count to three, A-Kid ensnared Brown in a sleeper hold. Brown escaped, only to be met with a superkick from A-Kid, who followed up with a pinpoint kick to Frazer’s jaw to earn the victory.

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