WWE NXT UK results: May 20, 2021

A-Kid and Tyler Bate clash for Heritage Cup and more: NXT UK highlights, May 20, 2021

A-Kid and Tyler Bate push each other to the limit in an instant classic, Ilja Dragunov joins Noam Dar on “Supernova Sessions,” Rampage Brown collides with Wolfgang and more. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Rampage Brown def. Wolfgang

Rampage Brown just can’t seem to steer clear of the Gallus boys.

After narrowly outlasting Joe Coffey in a wild brawl three months ago, Brown crossed paths with Wolfgang in the backstage area. Within minutes, the two maulers had agreed to a match, and a slugfest that wasn’t for the faint of heart was the result.

WWE NXT UK results: May 20, 2021

When the fight spilled to ringside, Wolfgang landed the first big blow by hoisting Brown onto his shoulders and driving him side-first into the ring post.

Brown, who came within an eyelash of taking the NXT UK Championship from WALTER last month, battled through his badly aching ribs to clobber Wolfgang with a lariat and finally put him away with a ring-rattling Doctor Bomb.

Amale def. Xia Brookside

Would Xia Brookside have won last week’s No. 1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match had she been cleared to compete? We’ll never know for sure, and it’s all thanks to Amale, who savagely attacked Brookside in the backstage area prior to last week’s high-stakes bout.

Amale, who was hoping to take Brookside’s place in the competition, was instead “rewarded” with a match against the payback-minded Brookside, who immediately got the upper hand with a series of kicks and a monkey flip.

Amale, however, kicked out of a picture-perfect neckbreaker from Brookside and soon claimed the victory by slamming her foe with a spinebuster slam.

Noam Dar attempted to antagonize Ilja Dragunov on “Supernova Sessions”

Noam Dar appeared to feign concern for Ilja Dragunov and his recent mental state at the top of the latest “Supernova Sessions,” particularly when he played serene music and mockingly asked Dragunov what was troubling him.

WWE NXT UK results: May 20, 2021

The Scottish Supernova inquired as to where Dragunov’s inner demons come from, and when he finally gave his guest a moment talk, Dragunov admitted to feeling immense pain in the aftermath of his loss to WALTER in an NXT UK Championship Match.

Dar presented him with a stuffed animal, “Lenny The Therapy Dog,” and Dragunov reminded the host that he can hurt him badly any time he felt like it. Dar called Dragunov a “fake,” and the talk show concluded with an intense staredown.

Tyler Bate def. A-Kid to win NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship, 1-0

Having each defeated the other once in previous Heritage Cup Rules Championship Matches, Tyler Bate and A-Kid collided in the rubber match of all rubber matches for the prestigious trophy.

The two competitors engaged in a feeling out process throughout the first two rounds, which were evenly matched but scoreless.

During a Round 3 that saw the pace quicken considerably, A-Kid tattooed Bate with a right hand for a near-fall, but Bate answered with a right forearm that sent A-Kid plummeting to ringside.

WWE NXT UK results: May 20, 2021

A-Kid nearly broke through with the first decision in Round 4, withstanding Bate’s airplane spin to trap The Big Strong Boi in a sleeper hold and later a guillotine. Bate dug deep, however, suplexing his opponent to break free just as time expired.

A-Kid miraculously kicked out of the Tyler Driver ’97 in Round 5, and Bate somehow resisted the urge to tap out to an excruciating arm before being saved by the clock. During the rest period, Bate made Trent Seven promise not to throw in the towel under any circumstances.

Though A-Kid blasted his foe with a superkick to the jaw, Bate somehow had the wherewithal to reverse a A-Kid’s pinning combination into one of his own to capture the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship!

After the bout, A-Kid presented his friend with his newly won trophy.

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