WWE NXT UK results: June 24, 2021

Ilja Dragunov, Rampage Brown, Joe Coffey throw down and more: NXT UK highlights, June 24, 2021

Three of NXT UK’s hardest hitters slug it out in a Triple Threat Match, Teoman takes on Oliver Carter and more. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.‪

Mark Coffey def. Sha Samuels

Gallus have acknowledged that all three members are involved in a “friendly competition” in the singles ranks, and with Wolfgang defeating Sam Gradwell one-on-one last week, Coffey indeed kept pace by outlasting Sha Samuels in a slugfest.

Samuels had Coffey reeling with a ring-rattling spinebuster, but “The Glue of Gallus” fought through the pain to clobber his foe with a wicked kick to the head and an even more savage reverse elbow to the jaw to earn the win.

After the match, Coffey held up both of his index fingers to signify that he and Wolfgang each have a recent win in singles bouts.

With Joe Coffey set to compete in an NXT UK Championship No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match in the main event, was this just the start of an enormous night for Gallus?

Stevie Turner def. Laura Di Matteo

Stevie Turner clearly isn’t one for sportsmanship.

She spent a good chunk of her match mocking Laura Di Matteo, first laughing off Di Matteo’s early attempts to match strength and later flinging her neck-first into the ropes and pulling her hair.

Di Matteo showed her mettle, fighting back with a quick succession of blistering strikes and even escaping a submission hold.

Turner nevertheless side-stepped her hard charging opponent, once again yanked her to the canvas by her hair and drove her face-first into the canvas for the win.

Teoman def. Oliver Carter via submission

Arguably the most frightening and downright creepy competitor in NXT UK, Teoman proved why he is indeed to be feared, both between the bells and long after the show concludes.

Carter started the match like he was fired out of a cannon, unloading on Teoman with several stiff punches before launching himself over the top rope and wiping out his foe on the ringside floor.

Vicious as ever, Teoman planted Carter with a tornado DDT, and when Carter kicked out, Teoman immediately transitioned into a crossface to force the tapout.

With Carter in dire straits and again ensnared in Teoman’s crossface after the bell, Rohan Raja dashed into the squared circle, presumably to help Carter.

Instead, following a staredown with Teoman, Raja began raining down right hands on Carter before spiking him into the mat. After the attack, Raja followed Teoman to the backstage area, seemingly pledging his allegiance to the same man who snapped his arm several weeks ago.

Ilja Dragunov def. Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown in a Triple Threat Match

Given that Ilja Dragunov, Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown came as close as anyone to taking the NXT UK Championship from the seemingly unbeatable WALTER, it only made sense that the three tough-as-nails competitors engage in a hard-hitting Triple Threat Match with championship implications.

Coffey clocked Dragunov with a lariat and might have been closing in on the win, but Brown knocked him out of the squared circle and dropped him with a powerslam on the ringside floor. Moments later, Brown planted Coffey with a Doctor Bomb, but Dragunov broke up the count.

Dragunov wiggled free when Brown went for another Doctor Bomb and clobbered with a Torpedo Moscow, letting out an excruciating battle cry and sobbing in relief and exhilaration after the decisive three-count.

After Dragunov’s win, WALTER calmly entered the ring. Though he initially showed respect to the victor, he suddenly tattooed The Mad Russian with an unforgiving slap across the face, locked him in a sleeper hold and held his championship in the air with one foot on Dragunov’s chest.

Though Dragunov has been haunted by the memories of his first grisly bout with WALTER, is he the man that can finally take the NXT UK Championship from The Ring General?

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