WWE NXT UK results: June 16, 2022


Tiger Turan def. Josh Morrell via Referee Stoppage

Tiger Turan didn’t take long to prove that he’s just as menacing when he’s competing in the ring as he is when he’s stalking Kenny Williams.

The masked competitor completely overwhelmed Josh Morrell, blitzing him with some impressive early mat grappling before connecting with a dropkick and soaring through the air to take down his foe with a crossbody.

Morrell was unable to continue following the crossbody, and the official stopped the match and awarded the victory to Turan.

Lash Legend def. Myla Grace

In her first match on NXT UK, Lash Legend made herself right at home, flaunting her way to the ring, jawing with the WWE Universe and dropping her jacket over the ringside camera before battling Myla Grace.

Legend continued her disrespect by twice pie-facing Grace, but she was caught off guard when Grace immediately fired back with a barrage of right hands and a boot to the face.

Despite perhaps taking her resilient opponent too lightly, Legend nevertheless regained control by delivering a back elbow to Grace that sent her plummeting from the apron to the ringside floor. Grace briefly regained the upper hand with a picture-perfect DDT, but Legend earned the win by clobbering her foe with a vicious pump kick before standing over her downed adversary after the bell.

Wolfgang & Damon Kemp def. Noam Dar & Sha Samuels

After bonding via “The Scottish Way of Training,” Wolfgang and Damon Kemp showed incredible cohesion in their first bout together against NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar and Sha Samuels.

The chemistry was never more apparent than when Wolfgang overwhelmed Samuels with a mix of strikes and power slams and struck his signature cross-armed pose while shouting “Gallus boys on top!” As he did, Dar attempted a sneak attack, but Kemp protected his partner by booting The Scottish Supernova out of the ring before doing the same pose next to Wolfgang.

Moments later, with Dar distracted by Wolfgang at ringside, Kemp planted Dar with an impressive slam to secure the victory.

Wolfgang and Kemp once again hit the signature Gallus pose after the bout, and when Samuels darted back into the ring to attack the victors, Wolfgang planted him with a thunderous spear.

Trent Seven feigned retirement and viciously brutalized Tyler Bate

Two weeks after pairing with Tyler Bate and losing the NXT UK Tag Team Championship to Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, a seemingly cooled off and levelheaded Trent Seven hit the squared circle to address his future, slapping hands and chatting with some members of the WWE Universe on his way to the ring.

The Don, who shoved Bate and yelled “I’m done” following Moustache Mountain’s championship loss, spoke from the heart and admitted that he hasn’t felt the way that he used to and that losing the tandem titles has only compounded those feelings.

Bate soon entered the ring at the request of Seven, who emotionally told the former NXT UK Champion that he never could have accomplished what he did without The Big Strong Boi watching his back. He recalled some of their greatest moments, including winning the NXT UK Tag Team Titles from Pretty Deadly.

“From the very top of Moustache Mountain to the bottom of my heart, I just want to say ‘thank you’ to (Bate) and everyone for being part of this ride,” Seven said as his voice began to crack.

The longtime friends embraced, but when Bate turned away, Seven stunned everyone with a shocking uppercut below the belt. With that, Seven grabbed Bate by the beard, said, “ I never needed you,” and slapped him across the face. Seven then lifted Bate above his head and dropped him with a Burning Hammer, draped a towel across his former friend and stood on his chest with one foot as NXT UK concluded to a shellshocked audience.

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