WWE NXT UK results: July 1, 2021

Tyler Bate defends against Jack Starz, A-Kid clashes with Jordan Devlin and more: NXT UK highlights, July 1, 2021

The Big Strong Boi puts the NXT UK Heritage Cup on the line against Jack Starz, former champions A-Kid and Jordan Devlin square off, Aoife Valkyrie returns to action and more. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Emilia McKenzie def. Isla Dawn

Bad blood has been brewing between Emilia McKenzie and Isla Dawn for several months, and the bitter rivals wasted no time renewing hostilities, immediately charging one another and trading fists at the toll of the bell.

McKenzie, who was defeated by Dawn when they battled one on one in April, got sweet redemption when she dropped her opponent with a German suplex and connected with a wicked double knee to the jaw.

WWE NXT UK results: July 1, 2021

Despite suffering the loss, Dawn sat up in the corner and smiled and laughed as McKenzie exited.

Tyler Bate def. Jack Starz in NXT UK Heritage Cup Match, 2-1

Though he was initially hesitant to take up Tyler Bate on his offer for an NXT UK Heritage Cup Match, Jack Starz looked right at home during all four rounds of the grueling collision.

Nevertheless, The Big Strong Boi landed the first significant blow 37 seconds into Round 2, using a unique pinning combination to take a 1-0 advantage.

Starz kept his composure, however, reversing Bate’s airplane spin to perform one of his own before clobbering Bate with an uppercut for a near-fall in Round 3. Moments later, Starz got the best of an exchange of pin attempts to earn the 1-2-3 and tie the match at 1-1.

WWE NXT UK results: July 1, 2021

In Round 4, Bate fought his way out of a Boston crab and suddenly caught fire, blistering his foe with several strikes, a clothesline, a kick to the back of the neck and the Tyler Driver ’97 for the decisive pinfall.

After the match, Mark Coffey hit the ring to applaud Bate, though he soon smacked him in the face before escaping from the ring and congregating with Wolfgang near the entranceway.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura got into a confrontation with Nina Samuels and Amale

Despite Kay Lee Ray’s “Forever Champion” moniker, Meiko Satomura nevertheless outlasted The Scary Queen of Scots to become the new NXT UK Women’s Champion three weeks ago, and she declared that NXT UK is now her home before being swiftly interrupted by Nina Samuels.

WWE NXT UK results: July 1, 2021

Seemingly in a disingenuous manner, Samuels congratulated Satomura for her recent title win, and she followed up by claiming that “everyone needs more Nina” and challenged The Final Boss for the championship.

In the middle of Nina’s address, however, Amale suddenly attacked her from behind, threw her head-first into the steel ring steps and vowed that she would be Satomura’s next challenger. Satomura, however, greeted her with a right hand to the face and told Amale that she would have her match.

Aoife Valkyrie def. Mila Smidt

Two months after taking Meiko Satomura to the limit in a barnburner, Aoife Valkyrie got back on the winning track against Mila Smidt.

WWE NXT UK results: July 1, 2021

Smidt briefly staggered Valkyrie with a belly-to-belly suplex that yielded a two-count, but Valkyrie recovered and earned the win with a top-rope leg drop.

After the bell, Valkyrie locked eyes in an intense staredown with Jinny, who had helped herself to a better view from the entranceway in the middle of the match.

Jordan Devlin def. A-Kid via submission

Ever since recently being defeated for the NXT UK Heritage Cup and the NXT Cruiserweight Title, respectively, A-Kid and Jordan Devlin have handled the losses in vastly different manners: A-Kid has vowed to learn from his defeat, while Devlin continues to insist that he is still the champion.

An early mat-wrestling clinic soon gave way to a slugfest, as the two former champions made no secret of their disdain for one another, despite only recently crossing paths on NXT UK.

WWE NXT UK results: July 1, 2021

A-Kid looked to be closing in on a submission victory when he applied a triangle, but a desperate Devlin got his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold.

With Devlin on wobbly legs, The Spanish Sensation launched himself through the ropes to wipe out his opponent at ringside.

The Irish Ace regained control when he dropkicked the ringside steps into A-Kid before dropping him knee-first on the steel, and he sealed the tapout win when he folded his opponent’s leg at a grotesque angle back in the ring.

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