WWE NXT UK results: Dec. 16, 2021


Charlie Dempsey def. Joe Coffey via referee stoppage

Joe Coffey is up for a scrap with anyone on any day even if it’s for no particular reason. But Charlie Dempsey and the rest of Die Familie have given him plenty of incentive in recent weeks, meddling in Gallus’ business and even ambushing The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang with a ruthless post-match assault last month.

A captivating clash of Coffey’s savagery and Dempsey’s technical prowess was marred by outside interference, as Teoman and Rohan Raja dashed to the ringside area and yanked the reeling Dempsey out of the squared circle to give him a reprieve.

Wolfgang and Mark Coffey soon made their presence felt, brawling with Teoman and Raja, but the disruption allowed Dempsey to slam The Iron King face-first into the steel ring steps.

Back in the ring, Dempsey applied a Dragon Sleeper, resulting in a referee stoppage once Joe Coffey stopped responding.

New NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain celebrated their incredible title win

With chants of “You deserve it” and “Moustache Mountain” booming throughout the arena, new NXT UK Tag Team Champions Tyler Bate and Trent Seven celebrated last week’s edge-of-your-seat title win over Pretty Deadly. The Don did most of the talking, declaring that Moustache Mountain is back but also acknowledging times where he and Bate have come up short against teams like Grizzled Young Veterans and Pretty Deadly.

An emotional Seven openly wondered what his next move would have been if he and Bate hadn’t won the title and admitted that he doesn’t know how much longer his career will last, but he vowed to continue going as long as Moustache Mountain held the championship.

Bate pointed out that he and Seven are the only tandem to ever hold the NXT and NXT UK Tag Team Titles, and Seven returned the favor by acknowledging that Bate is the first Grand Slam Champion in NXT UK history before staring straight into the camera and delivering a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved with NXT UK, including the WWE Universe.

Kenny Williams def. Danny Jones

Never at a loss for words, Kenny Williams took the microphone on his way to the ring, claimed he wanted Mark Andrews and told Danny Jones to go find him.

Jones, a good friend of Andrews, seemingly caught his foe by surprise, claiming the upper hand by landing a vicious series of forearm strikes, flinging his opponent into the corner and landing an overhead suplex for a two-count.

The Scum of the Earth got back on track by draping Jones’ neck over the top rope, taking out his knee and twice planting him face-first into the canvas with Bad Luck for the win.

A-Kid def. Nathan Frazer in an NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender’s Match, 2-1

Throwing caution to the wind in a grueling Heritage Cup Rules Match to determine the No. 1 Contender to NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar, A-Kid and Nathan Frazer enthralled the NXT UK Universe with an epic five-round battle.

Following a handshake at the toll of the opening bell, Frazer earned the 1-0 lead after wiggling free from a pinning combination and keeping A-Kid down for a three-count with a unique rollup in Round 2.

Competing with an apparent sense of desperation in the next two rounds, A-Kid finally secured a decision in Round 4 by clobbering his foe with a jumping superkick to the jaw.

In the decisive Round 5, A-Kid somehow kicked out of an innovative, ring-shaking suplex from the top rope. Frazer attempted to rain down right hands, but A-Kid deftly used his legs to ensnare his opponent in an excruciating submission hold that forced a verbal submission.

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