WWE NXT UK results: Aug. 19, 2021


NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura def. Stevie Turner via submission

Following a pair of eye-opening wins against Laura Di Matteo and Aleah James, Stevie Turner was riding high and touting her own excellence to anyone who would listen ahead of her title bout with Meiko Satomura.

But perhaps no one in NXT UK is better suited to dish out some humble pie than the legendary NXT UK Women’s Champion, who recently challenged her peers to be bold and seize opportunities.

Following a rope break, Turner surprised the champion by unloading with a quartet of debilitating kicks to the head and later brutalized The Final Boss by flinging her into the apron and ringside barrier when the fight spilled to ringside.

Satomura dug deep to fight through the pain, however, leveling the challenger with a vicious slam. Though Turner barely kicked out, she was left with no choice but to submit to Satomura’s excruciating STF moments later.

Saxon Huxley def. Eddie Dennis

Frantically screaming as he made his way through the locker room area several weeks ago, Saxon Huxley just so happened to interrupt a backstage confab between Eddie Dennis and the rest of Symbiosis. Perhaps taking the disruption as a slight, Dennis squared off with the unhinged competitor.

Dennis, who arguably underestimated his opponent, landed a few early strikes, which only enraged Huxley.

Huxley spent the majority of the bout attacking Dennis with reckless abandon and sealed the win by clobbering him with a top-rope clothesline before nearly driving him through the mat with a unique slam for the three-count.

Seconds after the bell, Primate and T-Bone viciously attacked the victorious competitor. With Dennis barking orders, Symbiosis assisted Dennis in slamming Huxley back-first into the canvas.

Dani Luna def. Isla Dawn

The good news for Dani Luna? She picked up what was arguably the most impressive victory of her young career against Isla Dawn. The bad news? She had a hard time enjoying the moment due to Dawn’s bizarre post-match antics.

And that’s not to say that Dawn behaved in a normal manner during the match, either. The White Witch got the upper hand by yanking Luna’s hair on several occasions and seemingly attempting to stare into her soul during a submission hold.

Despite having some of her hair torn out by Dawn, Luna snagged her opponent and delivered a ring-rattling powerbomb for the win.

After the bout, a cackling Dawn celebrated in the ring while clutching Luna’s hair.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly def. Moustache Mountain

If you believe that the ends always justify the means, then you can probably appreciate that NXT UK Tag Team Champions Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley scored a victory against Moustache Mountain, two of the founding fathers of NXT UK and arguably Pretty Deadly’s toughest challengers to date.

Sporting phony moustaches – perhaps as a dig at their opponents – Pretty Deadly posed for their patented “side-plate check” on the way to the ring and engaged in some pre-match trash talk with Tyler Bate and Trent Seven.

The challengers claimed the upper hand when they forcibly removed the champions’ moustaches and clotheslined them out of the ring, but Pretty Deadly regained control when Howley blindsided Bate with a clothesline at ringside.

Bate caught fire late in the match, taking the fight to both of his opponents before launching himself over the top rope to wipe out Stoker and Howley on the ringside floor and nailing the Tyler Driver ’97 on Howley, who kicked out in the nick of time.

During the final moments, Moustache Mountain blasted Stoker with a double-team maneuver, drawing another long two-count. Stoker countered the Tyler Driver ’97, nailed Bate with a chop block and wrenched back on a half crab to The Big Strong Boi’s potentially damaged knee.

Then, with Seven at ringside, Howley threw a towel into the ring, leading the referee to believe that it was done by Seven.

As Seven tried to explain the situation to the official, Howley struck Bate in the head with one of the championships. Stoker knocked Seven off the ring apron, and Pretty Deadly delivered Spilt Milk to Bate for the highly controversial victory.

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