Wolfgang and Devlin attempt to tear each other to shreds on NXT UK


A must-see edition of NXT UK will feature a quartet of spirited singles collisions, as Wolfgang and Jordan Devlin will look to settle their issues, Sam Gradwell will finally throw down with Kenny Williams, and much more.

Gallus and Devlin have never exactly been friends, and they’ve had an on-again, off-again rivalry that has spanned the better part of a year.

The Irish Ace took the brutality to a whole new level following the latest edition of “Supernova Sessions,” which saw Gallus “host” the show after barricading Noam Dar and Sha Samuels in their locker room.

Perhaps feeling that he was made to look like a fool by Gallus, the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion waited until Wolfgang was by himself backstage and viciously struck him across the back with a steel chair before fleeing the scene, setting the stage for what seems certain to be a vicious slugfest.

And speaking of rivalries that have quickly intensified, The Thunderstorm will finally get a piece of The Scum of the Earth.


Ever since a chance encounter in the backstage area several weeks ago, Williams has been sticking his nose in Gradwell’s business, even causing him and Saxon Huxley to lose their tag team match against Pretty Deadly.

Plus, Emilia McKenzie and Angel Hayze each seek a statement-making victory when they meet in the squared circle, while Myla Grace takes on Stevie Turner.

Don’t miss a thrilling episode of NXT UK, streaming Thursday at 3 ET/8 GMT on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else!

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