Joe Coffey to challenge Noam Dar for NXT UK Heritage Cup


A star-studded edition of NXT UK is slated to feature Joe Coffey challenging Noam Dar for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship, A-Kid colliding with Charlie Dempsey in a spirited slugfest, and Danny Jones and Josh Morrell joining forces for a tag bout against Symbiosis.

Dar, along with his trusty companion Sha Samuels, and Gallus have been at each other’s throats for weeks, but The Scottish Supernova won’t be able to dodge Coffey any longer, as the two will throw down in a harrowing title bout.

Dar has enjoyed an impressive title reign since capturing the trophy from Tyler Bate, defeating Sam Gradwell and earning a time-limit draw with A-Kid to remain champion.

Joe Coffey, however, would appear to be right in his element while competing in a dangerous NXT UK Heritage Cup Rules Match and is hellbent on winning his first title in NXT UK.

Plus, The Spanish Sensation is done trying to reason with Dempsey. After seeming to partially get through to the old-school grappler during some chance encounters, A-Kid was the victim of Die Familie’s brutal beatdown last week when Dempsey himself set the trap by feigning an apology to A-Kid.

Now, the two newfound rivals will certainly not pull any punches during a heated brawl.


Finally, after losing in the first round of a recent four-team tournament to determine the next challengers to NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain, Primate and T-Bone look to get back on track when they battle the upstart tandem of Jones and Morrell.

Don’t miss an epic episode of NXT UK, streaming Thursday at 3 ET/8 GMT on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else!

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