Ligero def. Joseph Conners

Ligero def. Joseph Conners

After falling short against Ligero a couple weeks ago, the very jaded Joseph Conners engaged the highflying competitor in a rematch in order to establish that he is, and always has been, better than the Leeds Luchador.

Connors got the advantage early in the explosive contest, punishing his masked opponent both inside and outside the ring. But, Ligero roared back with a high-octane offense that paved the way for a fierce back-and-forth battle for supremacy.

But, in the end, Conner’s fury was not enough to overcome the technical prowess of Ligero. For, in the height of the knockdown drag out matchup, the masked warrior used his quickness to lock up his opponent and pick up the pin fall, giving him his second victory over Conners overall.

As the dust cleared, Ligero offered a good-sportsmanship handshake, only to watch his defeated opponent refuse it outright and walk away in a solemn fashion.

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