Kassius Ohno def. Ashton Smith  

Kassius Ohno def. Ashton Smith  

NXT’s Knockout Artist made his presence felt in his NXT UK debut, emerging from across the pond with the goal of showing the U.K. Superstars what British wrestling was all about.  

Despite tangling with the relentless Ashton Smith, who took down Ohno with a high-impact Samoan drop, the powerful Knockout Artist hit a pair of crushing sentons before following up with the brutal ripcord elbow to the back of his opponent’s neck for the huge three-count.

After the bell, a show of good sportsmanship by Ohno quickly transformed into a post-match assault on Smith, a nefarious move that brought a concerned Travis Banks to the ring to help his fallen friend and nearly sparked a confrontation between him and NXT UK’s newest competitor.  

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