Pete Dunne & WALTER def. The Coffey Brothers

Pete Dunne & WALTER battle The Coffey Brothers: NXT UK highlights, March 13, 2019

The BruserWeight Pete Dunne attempts to co-exist with The Austrian Anomaly against Gallus' Joe & Mark Coffey. Plus, Flash Morgan Webster battles Wolfgang, Kay Lee Ray makes her NXT UK debut against Candy Floss and much more.

In NXT UK’s incredible main event, United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne attempted to co-exist when he joined forces with WALTER against the always-imposing Coffey Brothers.

Early on, Dunne and WALTER showed incredible dominance both inside and outside the ring – mixed with a bit of one-upmanship towards each other – as they tossed both Coffey Brothers onto the unforgiving ring apron like a couple rag dolls. But when Dunne didn’t see his opponents make the tag in a key moment, Mark Coffey snatched him up from behind and drove him to the canvas with an intense German Suplex. As he did, Joe Coffey simultaneously dropped WALTER off the ring apron and drove the intense competitor into the ring barrier, completely changing the tide of the matchup for Gallus for a time.

As the match roared on, highlights included Joe and Mark unleashing a vicious assault on Dunne, Joe rebounding for a massive WALTER assault to hit the big man with a German suplex, the BruiserWeight executing a beautiful moonsault on both Coffeys off the turnbuckle to the ringside floor, WALTER flooring Mark with a massive dropkick/butterfly supplex combination, an unfazed WALTER absorbing several massive crops from Joe as he held Mark in the Boston Crab before blasting Joe with a massive chop of his own, Joe hoisting The Austrian Anomaly up on his shoulders and setting up his brother to leap off the turnbuckle to send WALTER crashing to the canvas, and Dunne bending back Joe’s fingers so WALTER could execute an incredible double German Suplex on the members of Gallus.

In the height of the action, order completely broke down. Dunne locked Joe in a submission at the same time that WALTER locked Mark in the sleeper. In response, Joe overpowered the submission and launched Dunne onto WALTER, before pursuing the titleholder outside the ring and driving him into the ring barricade with incredible force. Though Joe then attempted to bring the U.K Title into the ring as a weapon, Dunne quickly took him out with an earth-shattering kick. When Dunne and WALTER got caught in a momentary stare down with each other, Mark charged them in a second attempt to capitalize with the title. But WALTER caught him with a big boot to the face and finished him off with the Powerbomb for the victory.

As the dust cleared on their huge tag team victory, Dunne and WALTER stood face-to-face in the ring with the United Kingdom Championship at their feet. When Dunne attempted to reach down to pick it up, WALTER stepped on it. He then went down and got it himself, holding it momentarily before passing it to the titleholder and walking away.

Whatever message he was sending, Dunne read it loud and clear.

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