Travis Banks def. Wolfgang

Travis Banks vs. Wolfgang: NXT UK, Dec. 5, 2018

After sustaining an injury during a "mysterious" assault back in Cambridge, The Kiwi Buzzsaw returns to action in a main event clash against The Lash King of Scotland.

Travis Banks returned to action in a main event clash against Wolfgang. Starting things off with a fierce attack in the early moments, there was no doubt that The Kiwi Buzzsaw was out for redemption after suffering a Gallus assault back in Cambridge.

Nevertheless, The Last King of Scotland soon got ahold of his prey and hurled Banks’ previously injured shoulder into the steel ring post and then into the steel ring steps, with a little Mark Coffey distraction mixed in for … good measure?

The resilient Banks fought through the pain, however, and roared back with a dropkick that sent his opponent outside the ring, followed by a high-impact aerial assault off the apron and a wicked stomp back to the squared-circle.

At that point, Mark Coffey again opted to play a part in the action, providing a second distraction that helped Banks catch a boot to the face, a back senton and a vicious spear.

In the final moments of the match, the resilient Banks hit a fierce kick on Wolfgang that convinced the Coffeys to once again get involved and they climbed up onto the ring apron. But this time, Moustache Mountain emerged to even the odds and swiftly dropped their adversaries back down again. Taking the lead from his assisting comrades, The Kiwi Buzzsaw dove through the ropes and sent both Joe and Mark crashing to the ringside floor. Though this opened the door for Wolfgang to hit Banks with a forearm as his opponent looked to refocus his attack on the apron, The Last King of Scotland’s attempt to bring Banks back into the ring with the suplex was thwarted by Trent Seven, who tripped him up while the official was distracted and allowed Banks to fall on his opponent for the pin.

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