Jordan Devlin def. Flash Morgan Webster

Jordan Devlin vs. Flash Morgan Webster: NXT UK, Dec. 5, 2018

In the wake of his incredible showdown against WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne last week, The Irish Ace goes head-to-head against the innovative Modfather.

Though Flash Morgan Webster kicked off his showdown against Jordan Devlin with his always-innovative offense, The Irish Ace roared back with a major counterattack on his own that included maneuvers like the backstabber, standing moonsault, a beautiful inverted backbreaker and monster clothesline, before grounding him with an all-out assault on Webster’s ribcage.

Webster rocked Devlin with the MODern knee out of nowhere, despite the fact that his back was now in noticeable pain, an injury that would work against him for the rest of the match. The Modfather then rallied with a wicked clothesline and a pair of dropkicks, before hitting an earth-shattering inseguri that completely disoriented his Irish foe on the top turnbuckle, before followed-up with a hurricanrana from on high. 

Though Devine roared back with a brutal facewash kick into the ripcord ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­back drop driver, Webster answered with a headbutt that literally took Devlin out of the ring. He then followed that up with a body block off the ring steps, but further antagonized his injured back in the process. That setback caused Webster to slow his attack as he headed to the top rope, giving Devlin just enough time to raise his knees as his opponent attacked from above and finish Webster off with Ireland’s Call.

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